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Leverage powerful analytics for more accurate, data-driven decisions and refocus resources for more efficient quality control processes.

Factory Risk Prediction

This feature makes ensuring quality in production facilities simpler, faster, and more actionable than ever before. Quickly gain insights into a facility’s risk of failure (...)

Analytics Factory Risk Profile Record
Analytics Inspection Analytics 08

Inspection Analytics

Inspection Analytics increases oversight capabilities while dramatically reducing the amount of time required to obtain and make sense of data, thus reimagining the role data can play in your company’s day-to-day decision making.

Comparison Analytics

Our Comparison tool is part of our Analytics suite and is designed to provide stakeholders with a quick, intuitive means of zeroing in on how factories, inspection types, suppliers, and more stack up against one another.

Analytics Defect Comparison Analytics 1B
Analytics Defect Comparison Analytics 2B

Defect Comparison Analytics

Defect Comparison is one of Inspectorio Sight’s most groundbreaking tools, providing a new level of insight into the relative occurrence of defects between different factories, inspection types, and more

Factory Analytics

The power to leverage immense amounts of data in an intuitive and easy-to-use tool, giving you total visibility over quality and compliance within your factories. Take in the performance of your entire ecosystem in a glance, diving into more detailed analytics as needed with a few clicks.

Analytics Factory Analytics 03b
Analytics Inspector Analytics 04

Inspector Analytics

With Inspector Analytics, you now have complete visibility over the performance of all of your ecosystem’s inspectors at your fingertips. Centralized data visualization makes it easy to track, evaluate, and compare the pass/fail rates of different inspectors as well as how carefully they are working.

Booking Analytics

With Booking Analytics, brands and retailers have unprecedented ability to assess and review booking activities, with both pre-inspection and post-inspection windows available.

Analytics Booking Analytics 02
Analytics CAPA Analytics 02

CAPA Analytics

Understanding how factories and suppliers perform quality assurance activities, where inefficiencies exist, and which areas require more effort are critical for continuous improvement within your supply chain.

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