Centralized data visualization makes it easy to track, evaluate, and compare the pass/fail rates of different inspectors as well as how carefully they are working.

As with the rest of Inspectorio’s Analytics, the power of Inspector Analytics begins with advanced filtering.

Specify the analysis you see by date range, country of production, country of inspector, inspection executor, and so on. Once you’ve selected the parameters to narrow down your data, you will see a summary of the following points:

    • Number of Inspectors
    • Average Number of Inspections
    • Average Inspection Time
    • Average Move Too Fast Alerts

Each of these points includes comparison with the previous equal time period, as well as graphs that reveal more details when hovered over.

One of the most unique features of Inspector Analytics is the optional Move Too Fast alert, which indicates an inspector may be moving too quickly through the inspection process. The mobile platform calculates the average time spent in different phases of the inspector’s workflow and issues this alert when the inspector deviates significantly from the norm.

The Team Members section displays all inspectors active within your filter parameters, with the number of inspections conducted, average inspection time, and Move Too Fast alerts included for each inspector. You can sort this section by any of these three values. Search for any inspector by name and click on the arrow in the upper right-hand corner to view their performance details.

For a closer look, the Team Member Performance section displays rankings by number of inspections and pass and fail percentages, either of which can be used to order the list. Simply click on any inspector’s name to view more details on their metrics, and click on “View Details” in the upper right-hand corner to dive into their individual performance.

Single Inspector Performance

With the Single Inspector Performance feature, you have the capability to monitor detailed metrics of each individual inspector in your ecosystem. Gone are the days of ordering manual performance reviews from overseas team members — instant, comprehensive career performance metrics for every team member are now at your fingertips.

In addition to numerical and graphical representations of the inspector’s Number of Inspections, Pass Rate, Average Inspection Time, and Average Move Too Fast Alerts, you can also view how each metric compares with the previous equal time period and with the team average. This translates to quick benchmarking and problem identification.

In the Inspected Product Category section, you will see the team member’s most inspected products, with each cell representing a different product category. For intuitiveness, the size of each cell corresponds with the quantity of inspections and the color represents the deviation of this inspector’s metrics from the team average. Hovering over each cell provides further details into that particular product category.

By providing the ability to quickly gauge overall team performance and that of individual team members, Inspectorio’s Inspector Analysis makes it easy to quickly navigate large numbers of inspectors without sacrificing on detailed insights.

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