This year, Inspectorio received Target’s prestigious Best Technology Partner Award, an honor we are truly proud and humbled to accept.

Target has been an invaluable partner for Inspectorio during the past five years. The retailer has a production network that spans the globe — and we are proud to provide a solution that serves the needs of such a supply chain.

Target honors Inspectorio as Best Technology Partner Target Headquarters 300x193

Target Headquarters

Target is one of America’s top 10 largest retail corporations, with 1,909 stores across the United States. They work with 600 worldwide vendors and 1500 factories on Inspectorio, and manage procurement from more than a dozen sourcing offices globally.

The award was granted to Inspectorio to recognize the great work they have done in supporting Target in our journey to digitization.

Cynthia HoSenior Vice President of Global Sourcing and PSQA, Target

A true technology partnership

From the beginning, Inspectorio’s partnership with Target has transcended the traditional client-supplier relationship. Target has been a close collaborator with Inspectorio and an early adopter of new products.

In 2017, the company wrote that Inspectorio was “reinventing the inspection process, bringing technology and transparency into the complex retail supply chain.”

Today, we are honored to play a role in the company’s high degree of transparency and in their commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainable products.

I think it’s really a true partnership between Inspectorio and Target. We leverage the expertise from Target and Inspectorio and together we create value and celebrate success as one team.

Cynthia HoSenior Vice President of Global Sourcing and PSQA, Target

Our journey with Target began with digitizing inspections, then to digitizing all quality assurance operations, empowering self-inspections among vendors and factories, and moving to an algorithm-based decision-making process around quality and compliance operations.

Inspectorio is proud to help Target operate extremely effectively, powered by the use of AI, to ensure that they’re making even better decisions and doing more with less.

Carlos MoncayoCEO and Co-Founder, Inspectorio
Target honors Inspectorio as Best Technology Partner TargetPoster

A bright future

Target continues to support Inspectorio in our mission to connect and empower the global supply chain.

In this spirit, Target will soon be expanding their partnership with Inspectorio to close the loop in supply chain performance management. We’re extremely excited for the opportunity to keep on working with the biggest brands and retailers in the world to bring the latest supply chain technology to market.

I want to thank you for your partnership, the support, and everything you have done for Target in 2020. I look forward to working closely with you and your team in 2021 and beyond.

Cynthia HoSenior Vice President of Global Sourcing and PSQA, Target
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