7 Features of Production Tracking Software You Must Have

By July 25, 2022

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Sometimes there’s nothing more important than making sure your orders are moving on time. If you want to improve your response time to schedule changes and measure supply chain performance, selecting the right tool to use is an essential investment.

First, you need to move on from any legacy manual processes. Production tracking software will improve the transparency of your operations and give you the information you need to measure and improve the performance of your factories and suppliers.

Are You Making the Right Investment in Production Tracking Software?

Implementing a digital solution for production tracking can help you keep better track of the production schedule and more easily ensure that orders are moving on time.   

Modern, full-digitized production tracking solutions have powerful features you shouldn’t have to work without. These seven features are the core of your provider checklist:    

Feature 1: Visibility to effectively manage and prevent production delays    

Your production tracking software must provide rapid, real-time visibility over production milestones. This feature eliminates the need to manually share emails and Excel sheets for updates. It can also alert you to anomalies so you can proactively mitigate risks.     

Feature 1Visibility to effectively manage and prevent production delays 

  Key features and benefits:

  • Configurable production planning
  • Digitized production status updates 
  • Supports periodical updates to production status at the item or order level 
  • Custom alerts to potential risks or delays
  • Transparent milestone monitoring to ID potential delays 

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Feature 2: Effective collaboration and communication with stakeholders 

When you have multiple production tracking tools and sources of data, there is no way to ensure that all stakeholders inside and outside your company are looking at the same information.    

When choosing a production tracking solution, you need to make sure that the data is centralized and that you can communicate with your team members as well as external suppliers. The software must allow you to digitally track orders’ production status, and avoid sharing information manually.

Feature 2 Effective collaboration & communication with stakeholders

  Key features and benefits:

  • Commenting capabilities to centralize communications about production plans 
  • Activity log to keep track of changes, updates, and ensure accountability 
  • Centralized and filterable data 

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Feature 3: Aggregated historical data to demonstrate good performance

To build accountability and manage delays and late orders, it is important to efficiently access historical production data. When choosing a tracking solution, it must be able to log historical data and review data to explain when a delay occurred and why.

NEW Feature 3 Aggregated historical data to demonstrate good performance

  Key features and benefits:

  • Integration capabilities to give suppliers the ability to automatically update milestones and production information  
  • Centralized log of activity, comments, and completed milestones 
  • Historical data on the root cause of delays

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Feature 4: Reduce manual work and improve operational efficiency 

Production tracking software should help you reduce time-consuming, error-prone manual techniques using Excel and email and empower your teams to do their jobs more efficiently.    

A study by Bain & Company showed that companies that leveraged digital technologies in their supply chain operations were able to cut costs by 30%. They also improved service levels by increasing supply chain reliability and access to real-time data. 

Feature 4 Reduce manual work and improve operational efficiency 

  Key features and benefits:

  • Data is uploaded, organized and analyzed automatically, eliminating manual input
  • Centralize and share time and action calendars information in real-time with all stakeholders, instead of siloed email threads and documents  
  • Suppliers and factories update time and action calendars in bulk, reducing their workload 
  • Automates data analysis and reporting

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Feature 5: Access analytics to drive decision-making

Data analytics is the key to making decisions that benefit your business and improve the performance of suppliers and factories. However, if the data is siloed, then proper analysis is not possible.      

Having the right tools to gather and analyze data digitally for items like lead time, overdue milestones, reasons for delays, and comparing performance, can help eliminate issues from the root

Feature 5 Access analytics that help drive your decision making 

  Key features and benefits:

  • Predictive analytics to identify areas of elevated risk 
  • Automatic data analysis and visualization to ID areas for supplier improvement
  • Analytics to identify root causes and support continuous improvement

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Feature 6: Better data integrity for increased collaboration and accountability 

Data with integrity is accurate and consistent over time, and maintained by a collection of processes, rules, and standards. To build data integrity so you can easily compare suppliers’ performance, your production tracking software needs to give you the option to standardize processes, planning forms, and reporting and analytics.   

You can also look for integration options. When the solution you choose integrates with your current systems, the data that is sent and received between systems is standardized, reliable and collected automatically.  

Feature 6 Better data integrity for increased collaboration and accountability

  Key features and benefits:

  • Standardized order tracking methodology (tools, data attributes, cadence, details)  
  • Standardized reporting and data analysis
  • Manages production tracking on a single platform to reduce manual error
  • Data integrity through integration

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Feature 7: Leverage a network platform for deeper insights and artificial intelligence capabilities 

If the production tracking solution you choose is to create accurate and objective models to help you mitigate supply chain risk, it should leverage the data of the entire network platform.

The more everyone uses the platform, the more everyone benefits from the insights provided by the data that is fed into the system.  

NEW Feature 7 Leverage a network platform to get better data insights and artificial intelligence capabilities

Key features and benefits:

  • Multi-tenant platform
  • Automates previously manual tasks 
  • Easy onboarding of supply chain partners 
  • Standardized AI data-capture models powered by data from the entire supply chain 

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