Best of 2022: Our Top Blog Posts, eBooks and Webinars

By December 28, 2022

2022 is drawing to a close, and as we look back on the past year, there's no doubt it has been an eventful one. Our blog views are up 35.69% this year, and we’ve also seen great engagement with our eBooks and webinars.

Here’s a roundup of our top blog posts, eBooks and webinars from this year. If you've missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up!

Top blog posts of 2022

Inspectorio’s blog has become an increasingly sought-after source for supply chain industry trends, expert insights and best practices. Here are some of our most popular blog posts from this year: 

1. The Cost of Production Delays for Apparel and Fashion Retailers 

Ever wonder how much production delays are costing the apparel and fashion industries? Read this blog post for an in-depth look at the causes of production delays, their financial impact and how you can prevent them.

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2. Inspectorio Tracking vs. Excel to Manage Time and Action

If you still rely on Excel spreadsheets to manage your Time and Action (T&A) calendars, this blog post is for you. It dives into why Inspectorio Tracking is a superior solution to Excel and highlights its benefits.

3. Improving Vendor Production Management

Knowledge is power, and this blog looks at how having access to the right data can help you better manage your vendor production and reduce delays.

eBooks for pivotal industry insights

Inspectorio’s eBooks unlock business-changing value for brands, retailers, vendors, and factories who need to rethink their operations in an unpredictable world. 

Well-researched and thought-provoking, our eBooks are a great source of information for anyone looking to understand the challenges and opportunities around digital transformation in the fashion and apparel industries. 

Top 4 KPIs for Data-Driven Quality Management was one of our top-performing eBooks of 2022. It provides an in-depth look at the most important KPIs for tracking quality and offers tips and advice on optimizing them.

To communicate the capabilities of products like Inspectorio Tracking, we published an eBook on “Are You Making the Right Investment in Production Tracking Software?”. This eBook helps suppliers and retailers understand and evaluate an investment in digital production tracking solutions to cut costs and boost productivity

Are you Making the Right Investment in Production Tracking Software

3 Ways to Kickstart Your Supply Chain Predictability: For Brands and Retailers explains how production line visibility, advanced data analytics, and integrated automation empower companies to make proactive decisions — in other words, how you can prevent problems instead of putting out fires.

Webinars that made a difference

At the beginning of 2022, we surveyed our audiences to understand what topics they wanted to learn more about. Many responded by voting for the topics below:

  • Quality and Compliance management

  • Data-driven management

  • How to improve productivity with a self-inspection program

And we delivered on their votes. Our webinars included leaders both within Inspectorio and from organizations worldwide and included:

The top 4 KPIs for data-driven quality management

This webinar features Jose Martinon, Director of Quality Assurance for Barco Uniforms. In it, Martinon shares how he uses specific KPIs to remove “the subjective element of the equation” and “drill down to the root causes of issues and make better decisions.”

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How you can prevent production delays and the solutions used by the leading companies

Muhammad Aijazuddin, Assistant Manager of Export Marketing at Yunus Textile Mills, discusses their experience with Inspectorio Tracking and answers questions from the audience on how our software can improve efficiency.

Reimagining your production tracking in the digital age

Dr. Hanson Li, Director of the Quality Assurance and Traceability Program at Value Source Group, explains the shortcomings of traditional tracking in this webinar. He explains how Inspectorio Tracking helped Value Source Group reshape their supply chain with visibility, easily configurable data, intelligent automation, and actionable analytics.

Production Tracking in the Digital Age

How to drive productivity with self-inspection programs

In this American Apparel & Footwear Association’s (AAFA) webinar, Jim Feisthamel, Manager of Product Safety and Quality Assurance at JOANN Stores, discuss how self-inspection programs — the supply chain gold standard  — can help reduce production delays, streamline production processes, and create a better working culture among all production network stakeholders.

Designing a supply chain network that meets your business objectives

This Supply Chain Talk webinar featuring Fernando Moncayo, Inspectorio’s Managing Director and Co-Founder, and other industry leaders, discuss using supply chain network modelling to make better network decisions.

These blogs, webinars, and eBooks are just a small part of the helpful resources we’ve created to help brands, retailers, and suppliers embrace digital transformation. To learn more, visit our blog and follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with our latest content.

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