Coronavirus is Forcing the Industry to Wake Up: Video

By March 27, 2020

The reality of quality control in the global supply chain is changing – embrace digital collaboration tools to manage your operations, now and in the future.

The coronavirus pandemic is presenting challenges businesses have never seen before. Quality control operations that use analog tools are not capable of meeting the demands of today’s world. What to do when, suddenly, travel bans and other restrictions prevent you from managing quality operations in your supply chain? The coronavirus is forcing the industry to shift to remote self-inspections to maintain the quality of their products, and this reality has been a wake-up call for companies that have not adopted digital collaboration tools, yet. Technology and data are the future of the supply chain, and the coronavirus pandemic is an opportunity to embrace this new reality.

Inspectorio SIGHT is an end-to-end quality control platform that digitizes and optimizes pre-production, inline, final, warehouse, and remote inspections across the global production chain. SIGHT leverages advanced data analytics and machine learning to assess risk and recommend predictive actions to drive continuous improvements. With a fully configurable platform, you can standardize and automate quality operations for increased visibility and collaboration across your supply chain. Shift your quality operations from reactive to preventive.

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