From Old to New: Smarter Apparel Industry

By February 23, 2017

Apparel Industry, you could say, being a subsection of the entire Textile Industry is ancient. Clothing has been around from the ancient world, and it is crazy to think how much the industry has changed over the time. The clothes we see now were different back then. Today everything is more complicated but in a simpler way. The clothes we wear nowadays are of higher quality, yet easier to make. And all of that is due to one thing: technology.

Whether its use makes everything better or not is not entirely clear, but it is an inevitable fact, that ever since the machines came into the arena to do the job previously done by men, it brought positive changes into the production process itself. The time spent on a production has become less; the job has become easier to perform and monitor and apart from sparing time and efforts dedicated to the production of the clothing, new technological advancements are beneficial in many other ways as well.

However, the controversy between the advantages and the downsides of modern technologies are very often discussed and debated on. But one thing is clear: the world is leaning towards every single technology that can make people’s lives, jobs and everything else easier and faster. And that is what we are going to talk about in this article in the scope of Apparel Industry.

From being one of the oldest and traditional branches of the economy, the textile industry is becoming one of the most modern ones, using machines for clothing production like no other. And shortly, you probably do not have to be surprised when the industry gets all digitized.

The apparel industry has been a little demanding and hard to adapt to the technological changes brought with the advancements of time, but those same changes will turn inside out the entire industry soon enough.

Advanced Manufacturing machines have come around to ease the job of knitting, pleading, embroidering and other components of clothing production. For example, computerized knitting machines allow creating a knitted product in one piece, without the need of performing linking or sewing, which saves time and efforts that can now be used to increase the productivity. A lot of machines have been invented by Japanese companies to make the process of linking much easier to perform and also monitor. Printing and finishing stages of productions are now done by different machines, which give high-quality finished products as a final result much easier and in a shorter period. Another newly invented machine makes it possible to put patterns on fabrics with a lasering procedure.

Companies are not only concentrating on the actual making of the product, but also on the quality and ease of the process. For instance, some factories are using voice command for an easier monitoring of the process. Not going further, companies are concentrating on more technological advancements for the inspection processes of the garment industry. New developments in technology help the industry conduct its quality assurance testings and monitoring much easier, more reliable and faster. Also, no less important, some new technologies not only ease and make the manufacturing process faster, but they bring to the minimum the harm done to the environment by garment production with fewer wastes as well.

From being old to becoming new, Apparel industry is now changing to its core with the help of advanced technological solutions within the production procedures. Newest technologies and easy-to-use machines are making the sector better. And slowly but steadily, we are going towards a Smarter Apparel Industry with smarter technologies that make the manufacturing process easier and more modern.

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