How to Build a Data-Driven Relationship with Your Clients

By December 8, 2021
Click here to register for an exclusive webinar with Art Isaacs, Chief Compliance Officer at InMocean Group.The foundation of great business is trust. Today, trust can be built by gathering and sharing critical event data with your supply chain partners.

Data works as a starting point to drive conversations about quality and compliance in your supply chain.

As a brand or retailer, you can use data to identify where the real issues are in the production of goods and proactively help your suppliers improve. As a supplier, you can use data to show your buyers how you do business and demonstrate you can meet your buyers’ standards.

How can you build a data-driven relationship with your suppliers and buyers?

As a supplier, you can take ownership of your quality and compliance operations by conducting inspections and gathering data about your operations to share with your buyers.

The industry today is shifting towards a model of empowerment and self-ownership, where suppliers are seen as strategic partners to brands and retailers. As a consequence, ensuring data integrity across your operations and incentivizing collaboration becomes a key to success.

What data do you need to build strategic business relationships with your clients?

You need data that is trustworthy at the source, and for this you need to standardize your quality and compliance operations.

Real-time access to critical event data helps you drill down on your quality and compliance issues to find out where the defects and errors are originating. Having quicker access to quality data allows you to solve issues faster, showing your buyers your worth as a strategic partner.

Join Art Isaacs, Chief Compliance Officer at InMocean Group, a leading swimwear manufacturer, as he talks about how to manage a data-driven quality and compliance programs. Some topics Art will dive deep into are:

  • What are the important sets of data and key KPIs vendors can leverage to forge trust with clients?
  • How can vendors collect and manage the data effectively?
  • How can vendors leverage the benefits of data to win business-awards, and to maintain healthy vendor–buyer relationships?
  • How can vendors implement data management technologies across their organizations with different budget sizes?

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