Inspectorio Tracking vs. Excel to Manage Time and Action

By April 8, 2022


Excel spreadsheets have been the standard in the business world for several functions of data analysis. While the simplicity of the program allows for gathering and organizing data, there are clear limitations. It is an excellent tool for storing and viewing data with numerous features, but it also might not enough for businesses requiring advanced analytics.

For businesses that need more advanced analysis of their data, there are other programs with more functionality. Companies might need to sort their data, analyze performance, and desire to spent less time creating and maintaining Time & Action (T&A) calendars.

Excel for Time & Action

Numerous companies use Excel for keeping their T&A calendars, and there are several advantages to using this program as compared with other competitor programs.

One of the key advantages of T&A calendars created in Excel is that the supply chain industry has been using this tool extensively to create T&A calendars. This has been the norm for many years. However, creating and maintaining these calendars in Excel is time-consuming, and these spreadsheets are notoriously prone to error due to the dynamic nature of the supply chain processes.

Another key advantage of working with T&A calendars in Excel is that this platform offers an open space for customization according to specific business needs. However, this flexibility can also turn into a difficulty to operate with data. There is no easy way to keep track of changes in real-time, so businesses have to create a new spreadsheet for each new project. These T&A calendars in Excel are complex to build due to plenty of data that needs to be input manually.

Despite of some the advantages that Excel offers, as the industry evolves, it’s important to consider modern tools with more capabilities. Some modern tools can create a more efficient workflow, save less time by automating tasks, and increase collaboration and accountability.

Is Excel still working for you? Let’s find out!

In today's business world, it is necessary to have tools that allow us to intuitively analyze data and transform databases into understandable information. Several companies are realizing the importance of data analysis and its relationship to improving performance to increase profits. Choosing the right program is crucial as experts need to get the most out of their work for maximum efficiency.

Making the choice of migrating from Excel into a brand-new platform can be a difficult decision that comes with a transitionary period of uncertainty.

Here are three guiding questions that can help you understand if continuing working with Excel is still the right choice:

  • Do I need to do a thorough and comprehensive data analysis?

If your answer is yes, then you probably need to switch from Excel.

Even when Excel offers a great number of possibilities to sort and organize data, it does not allow users to quickly visualize and analyse key performance indicators. This type of data analysis allows for identifying trends, risk factors and making data-driven decisions.

  • Do I need to allow for collaboration on these files?

If your answer is yes, then you should consider other options for data analysis and collection.

Excel does not offer the option for collaboration with team members or stakeholders. Instead, users may need to communicate using external platforms like email or Slack. This slows down collaboration and can have a negative impact on accountability and overall results.

  • Do I lack the insights to prevent delays and improve on-time delivery performance?

If your answer is yes, take the opportunity to switch to another suitable data analysis program.

With a digital solution for T&A calendars, you can be proactive with real-time and full visibility over the production status of your orders. You will know when something is not working out as planned and solve issues on time, rather than allowing these to grow worse over time.

The Advantages of Inspectorio Tracking: A Digitized T&A Calendar

Inspectorio Tracking is a solution created to help keep production on track, prevent delays, and improve on-time delivery performance. With advanced functionalities, Tracking provides unique benefits that can help you focus on growing your business, instead of spending too much time with data oversight and management on Excel.



After analyzing both tools, we can conclude that both Excel and Tracking provide opportunities for analyzing and processing data. However, they have different characteristics and functions; while comparable, their functionality depends on your necessities as a business.

Excel is a tool if you are looking for a simple solution that can help you get production on track. On the contrary, Inspectorio Tracking is more suitable for further capabilities that allow for collaborators to work together on advanced analytics.

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