Inspectorio’s 2021 Year In Review – What We Achieved Together!

By December 29, 2021

As 2021 ends, let’s take a moment to reflect and recognize the milestones we’ve achieved together throughout this year at Inspectorio!

The beginning of this year was a bit tumultuous for most of us, as uncertainty was still very prevalent. However, we quickly adapted and were ready to take on the challenges the new year had in store.

We are excited to share with you this recap of 2021!

Inspectorians around the world 🗺

Our team continued working remotely as our four main offices remained closed for most of the year. We encouraged our employees to continue working from home and adapt their work so they could stay safe. But this didn’t prevent us from continuing to grow!

We are now 210 inspectorians in more than 17 countries, and we have over 18 nationalities represented. 

We have successfully onboarded over 100 remote team members and achieved many milestones together. We’ve trained new customers and developed new features, all while being spread across five different continents.
Among these fun activities, we hosted AMA sessions with our CEO, Carlos Moncayo, every 3 months in each one of our offices! 


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Keeping our teams motivated and engaged throughout this time was achieved thanks to the work of the Inspectorio People’s Team. We launched multiple fun in-person and virtual events around the world! 


Curious to learn more about how we work remotely at Inspectorio? Join us at our next webinar!

Notable achievements!  🌟

And not only that, throughout the year, Inspectorio expanded to more than 68 countries with clients from many different industries. We’ve had the privilege of working with incredible clients while listening to their needs and challenges, which allowed us to adapt our products to the industry’s ever-changing needs.

In 2021, we added more than 3,000 new customers including 2 of the 3 top global retailers.

This year, we were also selected to join the Apple Impact Accelerator, a program that allowed us to work alongside Apple’s product and sustainability experts to take our company and products to the next level. We were humbled to be recognized by Apple for our focus on innovation and commitment to the environment, and we are excited to shape a more sustainable future of the supply chain industry.

We are beyond grateful that our solution was invited to join the SAP.iO Foundry New York startup program along with seven other companies.  We are excited to continue driving sustainability across the value chain in the retail and consumer industries.

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New problems call for new solutions 🚀

As our main goal is to bring more value to our clients and enhance their operations, our team spent plenty of time analyzing feedback, understanding pain points, and creating innovative solutions to make their work easier and more productive.

We want to walk you through a quick recap of the top features we’ve implemented this year on Inspectorio Sight and Rise.

For Sight

We continued adapting Sight to help you centralize your activities and prevent quality issues before they happen.

One of our primary goals is to improve our user’s experience by providing the easiest, most complete solution to modernize  your quality programs for higher operational efficiency and better resource allocation. So that is where our team focused most of its efforts by adding these helpful features:

  • The option to create mobile inspections – This feature enables users to create and conduct an inspection and then upload the report directly from their mobile device, saving time and facilitating a more convenient way to quickly conduct inspections on the ground at the factory.
  • The ability to save inspections as drafts.
  • A new way to provide instruction on a mobile device for each inspection workflow step, so that inspectors can refer to it without looking at external documents. 
  • A new feature to find, at a glance, the Re-inspection with all the necessary information like status, report result, and CAPA status. 

To help you turn your reporting data into actionable insights and results and to get customizable reports faster, our team focused on enhancing our reporting capabilities. Some of these enhancements include: 

  • The option to add new comments and files to your reports, providing more granular insights into the results of your inspections.
  • A new way to configure your export CSV to optimize decision-making processes and enhance collaboration with other stakeholders.
  • A new simplified report that allows you to view all your key metrics at a glance and stop spending time digging into data. 

Finally, our team fully understands the importance of communicating in a timely manner, so we focused on adding features to enhance collaboration to prevent risks, avoid delays, and make better decisions.  

One of the most significant features we’ve implemented to improve communication across stakeholders is the option to upload files and images to an inspection through the Activities Tab. This feature makes it easier to provide more relevant quality management information on the Inspectorio Sight platform and centralize all activities and communications for enhanced visibility and collaboration. 

For Rise 

Our team focused on adding new innovative features and enhancements to help our clients manage audit and compliance activities from a central command center enabling them to connect, collaborate, and drive measurable improvements with their supply chain partners. 

To do this, the Rise team concentrated on implementing features designed to help our customers react faster to potential risks, enhancing collaboration, and ensuring they can access better reports with insightful data.  

To help our clients react faster to potential risks: 

  • It is now possible to subscribe to an assessment CAPA or even to a Standard by rating rule. This new feature enables users to know what is happening at your facilities in real-time and take appropriate actions as soon as the need arises
  • Users can set up a due date for their CAPAs on the Rise platform. With this new feature, it is now easier to centralize communications with business partners and ensure that everybody has visibility over important dates. 
  • In order to better plan assessment execution dates, Rise users can now schedule and organize assessments on a calendar view that helps them make sure that the assessments are submitted on time. With this new feature, it is also possible to monitor the progress of scheduled assessments right from the calendar! 

 In order to enhance team collaboration:

  • We’ve implemented a new feature to empower users to collaborate and centralize all their communication in one single platform by adding private comments to any assessment.
  • With our new, advanced escalation system, users can hand over issues to colleagues or managers from a single platform. Not only that, but thanks to our note-taking system, all stakeholders can easily track all the issues that happen in an audit at a glance.
  • You can now collaborate seamlessly regardless of the language you speak. With Rise’s translation features, users can effectively communicate with multiple stakeholders.
  • It is also possible to conduct pre-production meetings directly from the Rise web platform.

Finally, to help Rise users access better, more granular reports to inform their decision-making processes: 

  • Our new Labeling feature provides users the ability to create customized labels and assign them to each Assessment, Report, and CAPA – to quickly drill down to the assessments you are looking for, based on customized criteria that you set! 
  • Users can now save more time by saving filters to quickly find the assessments, reports, and CAPAs relevant to their processes.
  • To make reporting even easier, users can also export assessments on a CSV format. 

What to look forward in 2022 🌈

We are excited and humbled knowing the amount of hard work done using Inspectorio’s products this year.

Despite the challenging time we live in, we managed to double our revenue this year!

Seeing this growth and our clients’ achievements motivates us to keep on working hard to continue being a leader in the industry. Most importantly, it increases our drive to help our clients work more efficiently, make better data-driven decisions, and achieve their sustainability and growth goals. 

Our team is eager to continue being a leader in innovation, and we look forward to contributing to a better future for the industry! 2022 will be an incredible and exciting year. At Inspectorio, we look forward to continuing our mission to help brands, retailers, and vendors connect and collaborate with their global supply chain to achieve operational excellence.

Stay tuned for 2022 as we have more exciting surprises in store for you!

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