Inspectorio’s RISE Module Enables Sustainability for Fashion Brands, Says WWD

By March 9, 2020

Inspectorio’s RISE platform may finally allow sustainability in fashion, according to Women’s Wear Daily.

They add that the module’s powerful transparency-driving software:

“Improves transparency for brands, retailers, vendors, factories and third-party verification companies.

Sustainability is a current keyword for fashion and retail brands. As pollution from overseas factories compounds already dire environmental issues, ethical fashion brands require a new level of transparency and accountability for their supply chains.

RISE allows organizations to achieve radical transparency thanks to its real-time monitoring of goals set by the brand or retailer. Additionally, Supply Chain Responsibility and Sustainability Compliance reports on the platform allow factories to hold themselves accountable, while support materials and e-learning certificate courses for workers create more opportunities to build trust and empowerment.

This platform comes at a time when 86% of S&P 500 companies — a staggering increase from just 20% in 2011 — are publishing corporate sustainability reports. As more sustainable fashion brands join the movement, manufacturing traceability and responsible sourcing are becoming industry standards instead of a luxury reserved for a select few.

In addition, Inspectorio recently received hard-earned accreditation from the Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP), which performs a rigorous assessment of companies for the collection and verification of labor and social data. This collaboratively-built initiative frees up resources for companies by reducing the number of compliance audits, with a focus on ending the wasteful practice of duplicate inspections. Freed of endless audits, companies can allocate more resources toward sustainable development goals.

Environmental initiatives and a healthy work environment are no longer optional for those in the retail industry. Sustainable development is now an expectation, one that companies must improve upon in order to remain competitive.

Inspectorio’s RISE platform gives brands and retailers the power to monitor, support, and improve their production chains with more transparency and fewer resources than ever before. Furthermore, companies can communicate the impacts of their efforts and relate them to the organization’s broader mission — thereby prioritizing goals like reducing water pollution, improving a hostile work environment, or simply creating less waste.

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