How Textile Manufacturer Yunus Solved Supply Chain Challenges with Inspectorio

By November 25, 2020

As the global supply chain grows ever more complex, brands and retailers must navigate an increasingly dynamic environment composed of variables in constant flux.

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For those without digital quality control solutions, such an environment has contributed to the insidious growth of a particular type of vulnerability — a lack of visibility — that has been mercilessly spotlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, by providing actionable insights on how to improve operations, real-time monitoring of inspectors, and corrective action plans to resolve production issues before they reach customers, digital platform solutions like Inspectorio are creating future-proof resiliency and immediate visibility.

After onboarding the Inspectorio Sight platform, Pakistan-based textiles manufacturer Yunus Textile Mills has been able to make systemic improvements to the efficiency and effectiveness of their quality assurance operations.

Yunus has leveraged Inspectorio’s advanced analytics, real-time monitoring, and seamless, single-platform communication to not only improve their quality assurance operations, but to demonstrate their commitment to quality to their clients.

The Yunus story

Yunus Today

  • turnover has reached USD $1.5 billion and continues to grow
  • exports supplying many of Europe and North America’s largest retail brands
  • the largest home textile exporter in the city of Karachi, Pakistan.

The Yunus group provides clients with high-quality home textiles, placing heavy emphasis on cost-effectiveness, customer service, and environmentally responsible manufacturing and packaging. Yunus has been in operation since 1962 and has become a leading voice in the garment industry.

Yunus onboarded Inspectorio Sight to solve a number of different challenges with a single solution. They sought to:

  • Reduce the cost of quality programs while improving their effectiveness
  • Locate defects more accurately and proactively
  • Improve the performance of inspectors
  • Enable easy access to data to better align on trends between different stakeholders
  • Maximize visibility during COVID-19
How Textile Manufacturer Yunus Solved Supply Chain Challenges With Inspectorio Yunus textiles case study inspectorio Bedsheets

Here is how this process has gone for them.

Reducing the cost of quality

Like many in the garment manufacturing industry, Yunus has recognized a need to address the high cost of quality — a cost that can hover around “15-20% of sales revenue, [with] some going as high as 40% of total operations,” according to ASQ. Inspectorio has helped them in this capacity in several important ways.

A representative from Yunus’ Quality Management System team, notes that

factory-wide analysis “has really enabled us to compare what actions have been taken by the factories who are producing low numbers of defects, and what the major reasons are behind the factories who are not high performers.” Allowing this depth of analysis has in a remote, intuitive, and quick way generated rapid cost savings: “I can check on the trends of those specific factories, and this definitely has a positive impact on my cost of quality.”

Additionally, Inspectorio Sight’s inspection analytics, real-time monitoring, and ability to validate self-inspections accounts for a significant cost savings. Factories undertaking a self-inspection program that have demonstrated reliable reporting are noted as such, allowing Yunus to allocate resources to those partners performing less accurate remote inspections. Thus, Inspectorio automatically eliminates the need to hire an outside inspection service to “inspect the inspectors” where such oversight is not needed.

Locating Defects

Yunus has leveraged Inspectorio Sight’s defect detection, analysis, and prevention capabilities to dramatically improve the quality of their products in a single-platform solution. Inspectorio’s AI-driven defect analytics tools allow all stakeholders access to comprehensive, actionable analysis of defects.

The Defect Comparison tool has given Yunus the power to compare two different factories, inspectors, products, locations, or other factors against one another. All data is accounted for in a simple and intuitive graphical rendering of their relative defect statuses. This also allows the team to analyze the top defects in the context of the bigger picture.

For a manufacturer of textiles, Sight’s defect prediction capabilities prove especially useful.

Using machine learning, Inspectorio Sight’s automated software incorporates all incoming inspection data into real-time analysis, analyzing historical risk trends and alerting the quality management team of defects that are likely to occur.

This allows Yunus to take proactive measures so they can mitigate risk instead of putting out fires, locating the defects not only in their products but also in their processes.

Improving inspector performance

When it comes to quality control, inspector performance is — and will always be — where the rubber meets the road. For Yunus, Inspectorio Sight has provided the visibility and measurement tools to track inspector performance at any resolution, from overall trends to the metrics of each individual product inspection.

Yunus now has the ability to spot problems in real-time and take measures to stop them from reoccurring. This also generates a whole new level of accountability for inspectors.

Yunus has noted several challenges that they faced with their quality inspections before onboarding Inspectorio:

  • Inspections were largely manual, pen-and-paper processes.
  • Several days would pass before headquarters received an inspection report.
  • Executives had no way to track the progress of inspections

With Inspectorio, the group has automated everything from uploading purchase orders to creating inspection bookings, as well as automatically generated reports and data analytics. It is also easy to identify high-performing inspectors and to track KPIs across this workforce.

How Textile Manufacturer Yunus Solved Supply Chain Challenges With Inspectorio Yunus textile Products Case study inspectorio

Easy access to data

For a group like Yunus, keeping brands, retailers, suppliers and factories aligned is crucial for optimizing supply chain performance and maintaining low cost and high quality. Inspectorio has provided them with a single, consolidated platform displaying the same data to everyone, which has streamlined communication and enabled data-driven decision making from anywhere.

As a network platform continuously collecting and analyzing huge amounts of data, Inspectorio’s machine learning and predictive analytics tools continue to grow more robust without burdening the end user with added complexity. This makes it an intuitive and actionable platform for all stakeholders across a production network, from brands and retailers to factories and suppliers.

By making real-time data and analytics available anywhere at any time, Inspectorio has allowed Yunus to cut costs while simplifying communication between partners. The quality team can quickly access descriptive analytics, performance monitoring, and more, then communicate directly with other partners on the very same platform. This not only eliminates missed emails and faxes, but also creates a level playing field in which the data speaks for itself.

Visibility during COVID-19

Inspectorio’s greatest strengths have been tested and proven by COVID-19.

“Inspectorio has made a really huge difference from an internal efficiency point of view, because of the fact that management could not travel during the days of COVID.”

Despite travel being restricted, which in conventional supply chain management would have left quality teams blind,

“management could easily overview quality trends, could easily evaluate inspector performance, and could easily evaluate what was happening at the factory at that moment it was happening. Inspectorio has helped Yunus on a huge scope.”

Yunus now has the capacity to weather lockdowns by maintaining high visibility and quality control from anywhere — including at the office or at home. Stay-at-home orders do not prevent the Yunus team from comparing factories for performance, holding inspectors accountable, or making decisions using real-time data.

How Textile Manufacturer Yunus Solved Supply Chain Challenges With Inspectorio Yunus textile mills Case study inspectorio

Nurturing crisis-proof quality with Inspectorio

A representative from Yunus’ QMS team summarized Yunus’ experience with Inspectorio in this way:

“This is not just an improvement to our processes. I would say this is a complete shift in mindset – the mindset of the company, of the inspectors, of our staff. Now we are thinking about our other processes, and how we can improve them in the same way that Inspectorio has improved our quality control processes. There are so many activities that were consuming so much of our time and so much of our resources — and Inspectorio has saved us from that”.

Ensuring quality in today’s supply chain ecosystem requires more transparency, visibility, and cost-effectiveness than ever before. Inspectorio has helped Yunus and thousands of other brands, retailers, and organizations increase their resiliency and dramatically improve the potential of their supply chains.

Demonstrate quality to your clients by consolidating all quality data and improvement into a single platform — all while reducing the number of inspections clients require of you.

Inspectorio lets you stop defect trends before your inspections fail, implement consistent standardization across your production network, and select the best factories for your purchase orders using performance analytics.

This lays a true foundation for partnership and lowers the overall cost of your quality programs, all while leveraging your commitment to quality to attract new clients.
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