Inspectorio has Best Solutions for Quality and Compliance Industry, Says Forbes and Business Reporter

Inspectorio “is currently taking the [quality and compliance] industry forwards by providing the best solutions” to problems, according to Forbes and Business Reporter. Powered by artificial intelligence, Inspectorio has overturned industry conventions by bringing advanced technologies to processes that have badly needed.

Best of all, this technology is easy to integrate into existing business networks thanks to an intuitive user interface, wide adoption network, and robust machine learning.

Brands and retailers rely increasingly on quality and compliance checks in the form of factory inspection of suppliers abroad. These companies invest billions of dollars each year as consumers continue to demand lower costs, higher quality, and more environmentally and socially responsible sourcing than ever before.

However, growth within the inspections industry has not mirrored consumers’ demands, and those billions of dollars have seen little return on investment. Even the most innovative players continue to use outdated, pen-and-paper processes in their inspections.

To make matters worse, expenses have pressured companies to simply throw more money at these existing processes, further trapping them in a cycle of poor resource allocation and returns.

The quality and compliance industry has long suffered from two deficits: a lack of standardization and a lack of efficiency. 

Many global companies see a lack of standardization between their regional teams. These teams operate distinctly from one another using in-house tools, which lowers company-wide compatibility and makes it difficult to compile aggregate insights. The same effect exists within small factories. Internal teams may use a different tool for each client, leading to a significant degree of duplicate efforts and poor resource allocation. 

Quality and compliance has also suffered from a lack of efficiency. The manual entry of handwritten report data into spreadsheets can consume multiple hours per day. If the factory inspector waits until the following morning to send off their report, a large time zone difference can result in the loss of a full workday of critical decision-making for those at sourcing headquarters. 

According to Forbes and Business Reporter, “the quality and compliance industry is ready for change.” Inspectorio has provided it.

Inspectorio’s end-to-end digital solution capitalizes on powerful technologies that utilize artificial intelligence and labor-saving automations. The Inspectorio Mobile app gives facility inspectors a standardized platform that promotes high visibility, transparency, and accountability. This has led to thousands of companies onboarding Inspectorio’s platform — including some of the world’s largest vendors and retailers.

The platform puts all core activities in one place, including booking inspections, generating reports, CAPAs, facility audits for social and environmental compliance, and more. The platform streamlines the process even further by automating key processes, delivering reports and data to the user in seconds instead of hours.

Most appealingly for companies mired in frustrating spending patterns, the benefits of onboarding Inspectorio manifest almost immediately. Adoption means that all regional offices suddenly operate on the same easy-to-use platform, ensuring that each team member’s results are easy aggregated with others. A high rate of factories and vendors are joining the platform, resulting in a uniform means of communication and data aggregation across the industry.

By eliminating “low value-added manual work such as generating reports or reviewing inspection booking information” from the inspections process, the Inspectorio platform frees up resources for businesses to allocate to “higher value-added activities,” write Forbes and Business Reporter.

Inspectorio’s powerful machine learning is continuously analyzing new data to provide clients with predictive risk profiles for any factory they may be considering. Businesses can then automate decision-making based on these predictive risk profiles, such as whether to confirm a booking or selecting the proper type of inspections procedure. This creates greater accountability for factories and greater proactivity for companies. 

As Forbes and Business Reporter conclude, “companies such as Inspectorio have shown that the technology is here, and their proven track records with some of the largest companies in the world have proven that it works.” Inspectorio gives businesses a comprehensive digital platform, allowing them to “seamlessly allocate their resources toward the operations that matter much more efficiently, mitigate risk and, ultimately, significantly increase the return on their quality and compliance investments.” 

Read the full report by Forbes for more information. Visit Inspectorio’s website to learn how digitizing and streamlining quality and sustainability operations can start yielding immediate payoffs.

Inspectorio SIGHT is an end-to-end quality control platform that digitizes and optimizes pre-production, inline, final, warehouse, and remote inspections across the global production chain. SIGHT leverages advanced data analytics and machine learning to assess risk and recommend predictive actions to drive continuous improvements. With a fully configurable platform, you can standardize and automate quality operations for increased visibility and collaboration across your supply chain. Shift your quality operations from reactive to preventive.

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