Cleaning and sanitation are among the most effective ways to protect from COVID-19. It has never been so crucial to clean and sanitize your workplace to prevent the virus.

Follow these quick steps to make sure you have proper sanitary procedures in place to ensure workplace safety during the coronavirus pandemic:

1. Seek resources and education from trusted organizations like WHO, CDC, and others.

2. Order regular cleaning of high-touch areas in your workplace, including:

    • Appliances
    • Chairs
    • Coffee stations
    • Computer mice
    • Desks
    • Diaper changing stations
    • Door handles
    • Elevator buttons
    • Keyboards
    • Kitchen surfaces
    • Light switches
    • Railings
    • Reception areas
    • Sinks
    • Tables
    • Telephones
    • Toilets
    • TV remotes
    • Vinyl furniture
    • Water cooler handles

3. Clean and disinfect identified high-touch areas in your buildings.

Cleaning solutions remove dirt and grime, while disinfecting solutions work to kill germs and bacteria.

4. Encourage proper handwashing techniques.

Tip: Provide hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. 

5. Follow proper sanitary procedures when handling cleaning equipment.

6. Implement a cleaning schedule that encourages regular sanitation.

7. Create an outbreak preparedness procedure.

Tip: Your emergency response plan should specify any extra cleaning measures that should be taken during a crisis, as well as how to identify the signs and symptoms of an outbreak infection.

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