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Target honors Inspectorio as Best Technology Partner

This year, Inspectorio received Target’s prestigious Best Technology Partner Award, an honor we are truly proud and humbled to accept. Target has been an invaluable partner for Inspectorio during the past five years. The retailer has a production network that spans the globe — and we are proud to provide a solution that serves the needs of such a supply chain. Target is one of America’s top 10 largest...

The Future Of Supply Chains Is Digital Collaboration

Data is key to the efficient operation of supply chains. Using a system that results in quality data and actionable leads results in quick problem solving and business improvements. But just having data isn’t enough. For maximum results, that data also needs to be shared with and used by every stakeholder in the supply chain. Recently we sat down with Coresight Research and two Inspectorio clients to discuss how...

Data-Driven Collaboration: The Missing Link To Achieving Operational Efficiency [Webinar]

In this webinar, we explore how better data and better collaboration make for stronger businesses, improved quality, and happier buyers and customers. Our guest speakers share real-world examples of the business benefits they have seen after adopting a digital platform for quality management. These include better product quality, reduced manual work, and increased collaboration with their supply chain partners. Fill in the form to access the Webinar Recording!


How to excel at Corporate Social Responsibility

Consumer trends today are clear — shoppers demand better social, environmental, and economic conditions throughout corporations’ supply chains. The footwear, apparel, and retail industry has been under especially intense scrutiny in recent years. Consumers are more informed than ever before. Sixty-three percent of consumers view shopping as a means of change, and among millennial consumers, 52% report researching brands before they buy. A 2015 study showed that 9 out...

How to maximize ROI on your compliance programs

The benefits of outsourcing production — which include lower costs and well-equipped factories — have long been countered by the difficulty of conducting effective compliance audits. While essential for any company with overseas suppliers, conventional audits remain an expensive and inefficient means of monitoring compliance and sustainability in the supply chain. “Persistent scandals involving illegal or dangerous working conditions show that the standard factory audit is inadequate as a...

How to dramatically increase the efficiency of your compliance programs

Compliance regulations across the global supply chain are increasing every day. And the compliance challenges too. How can a digital platform for compliance management help you better manage internal and external compliance requirements? By digitizing and automating compliance programs, you not only cut costs but dramatically increase efficiency and performance. Watch the video below to learn more! Want to learn more about Inspectorio's digital platform for compliance management?

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