Inspectorio LabSync: A Smarter Way to Manage Laboratory Testing

Inspectorio LabSync is a laboratory testing management solution that connects brands, retailers, suppliers and third-party laboratories across the supply chain. Centralize laboratory testing information and coordinate activities to improve product quality and safety, reduce compliance risks and save costs.

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Key Benefits
  • Centralize test data from third-party laboratories and external systems
  • Standardize test requests and reports across laboratories 
  • Gain visibility into the entire testing process in real-time
  • Access consolidated reports anytime, anywhere

  • Extend trust and transparency along the supply chain
  • Improve business agility with improved visibility and analytical-driven insights
  • Reduce over-testing with data-driven recommendations
  • Prevent the risk of product non-compliance  
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Why Inspectorio LabSync? 

No messy spreadsheets or emails

Get a standardized and centralized way to manage testing activities and review reports without manual paperwork. 


Improve product quality and safety 

Prevent quality and safety issues by quickly identifying and addressing potential problems before they reach consumers. 

Increase visibility

Collaborate with your suppliers and third-party laboratories from a centralized platform and gain enhanced visibility into the status of testing activities and results. 

Minimize the risk of non-compliance

Ensure that your products consistently meet the standards and regulations of your target markets by staying up to date with testing requirements. 

Save costs

Streamline laboratory testing processes, including scheduling, monitoring, reporting and communication to eliminate over-testing and reduce costs.

Test Your Way to Successful Production

One platform for all 

Manage all your laboratory testing needs from a single platform — no matter the number of tests, location or laboratories. Connect with third-party laboratories anywhere in the world, track test results in real-time and access detailed reports and analytics on your product compliance and performance.  


Standardize test request forms and reports  

Eliminate time-consuming paperwork and streamline product testing by standardizing test request forms and report formats across laboratories. With Inspectorio LabSync, you can standardize and centralize laboratory testing governance without making any expensive changes to existing processes. 

Improve collaboration across the supply chain  

Build trust and transparency across all stakeholders in the supply chain. Suppliers and factories can safely share their test reports, brands and retailers can request testing for specific production batches, and product safety consultants can easily verify the accuracy of the data. Communicate effectively and keep everyone in the loop to avoid over-testing and product non-compliance. 


Insightful and actionable analytics  

Monitor the real-time performance of vendors, factories, and third-party laboratories to drive improvement in the quality of your products. With powerful analytics, you can quickly identify bottlenecks in product testing and compliance processes so that you can proactively take corrective action and optimize your production cycle.

Seamless integration 

Integrate Inspectorio LabSync with data from third-party laboratories and your PLM or ERP systems to seamlessly send and receive testing information. With flexible and easy-to-use mechanisms, you can upload test data directly to your system and automate your product testing process. 


Easy to set up 

Inspectorio LabSync is quick to set up and configure. Get a robust solution for managing laboratory tests with minimal effort and time. With training and support from the Inspectorio team, you can be up and running in little time.  

Who is Inspectorio LabSync for?

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Brands and retailers

Inspectorio LabSync helps brands and retailers maintain product safety, quality control and brand reputation with a centralized platform for process governance, visibility and analytics. While brands can ensure their products remain safe and of consistent quality, retailers can breathe easy knowing their shelves are stocked with safe and compliant products.

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Non-manufacturing suppliers

Textile and consumer goods non-manufacturing suppliers can work with multiple buyers and factories and gain real-time visibility into their processes and products from production to delivery. Manage multiple laboratory test requests and results without relying on Excel or email and access data insights to drive performance and manage risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Inspectorio LabSync? Open or Close

    Inspectorio LabSync is a cloud-based laboratory testing management solution that helps brands, retailers and suppliers centralize and standardize testing data and processes across the supply chain – from your factories to third-party laboratories. Inspectorio LabSync is a powerful and easy way to streamline laboratory testing operations and accelerate supply chain production.

  • Who is Inspectorio LabSync for? Open or Close

    Inspectorio LabSync is designed for brands, retailers and suppliers looking to cut the costs of third-party laboratory testing while improving product quality, compliance and performance.

  • What are the advantages of using Inspectorio LabSync? Open or Close

    With Inspectorio LabSync, you can consolidate laboratory testing data from multiple sources, including third-party laboratories, suppliers’ in-house laboratories and your internal systems. You can improve product safety and quality, increase real-time visibility of the testing process, reduce costs associated with over-testing and extend trust and transparency along the supply chain. 

  • What testing can I perform on Inspectorio LabSync? Open or Close

    You can manage testing activities related to raw materials and finished products. Inspectorio LabSync allows you to centralize and manage testing at different stages of production, such as prototype, pre-production and production to gain a holistic understanding of performance, risks and opportunities to improve.

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