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Learn more about the tools
helping industry leaders
define and implement
health & safety guidelines
in the wake of COVID-19.

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Library of pre-configured COVID-19 workplace readiness guidelines

Easily adopt one of Inspectorio’s pre-configured COVID-19 workplace readiness guidelines, developed in collaboration with leading brands, retailers, and international NGOs.

Real-time monitoring of
Self-assessments & verifications

You’ve asked your business partners to conduct self-assessments and participate in verifications. Now you need immediate visibility over their progress and shortcomings.

Consolidated COVID-19
Sourcing Dashboard

Get live updates that help you adopt smarter, dynamic strategies through real-time, location-based risk assessment and safety information all in one quick view.

Prescriptive Corrective Action & Preventative Action Plans

Drive immediate corrective actions through automated CAPA reports and recommendations to swiftly address compliance issues.

Reduced Compliance Fatigue

When industry players come together on a network that facilitates the sharing of verified data, everyone benefits.


Understand which facilities need improvement and what type of improvement they need.

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