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Analytics to drive improvement

While self-assessments, verifications, and CAPAs let organizations rapidly identify which facilities are already ready for production and which need immediate action, most facilities will lie somewhere between these two extremes. To identify these facilities and the types of continuous improvement programs they need, automatically generated real-time analytics are key.

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Analytics help brands understand whether, for example, their supply chain’s challenges are mainly infrastructural (like poor ventilation, lack of hygiene stations, etc.) or administrative (lack of workplace transmission prevention policies, business continuity plan, education and hygiene policies for keeping people safe, etc.). Identifying these trends without a tool like Rise requires sifting through thousands of spreadsheets, a process that’s difficult at best and avoided entirely at worst. Because the threat of coronavirus will likely exist for at least 18 months in the developed world and for several years in the developing world, brands and retailers must invest in helping their business partners improve on these areas. Organizations can leverage Rise’s analytics to know how to best allocate their efforts and resources to do this more effectively.

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