Reduced Compliance Fatigue

By bringing all industry players into the same network, Inspectorio Rise facilitates the sharing of verified data for everyone to benefit.

Covid-19 - Occupational and Health Safety audit Reduced Compliance Fatigue

While each brand and retailer will be held individually accountable for ensuring their supply chains aren’t breeding grounds for the next pandemic, this doesn’t mean factories producing for multiple companies should be audited multiple times.

Pre-competitive collaboration
means resources saved
and less duplicative efforts

Audit fatigue is already a severe problem in the compliance industry, with vendors having to report the same environmental or social compliance information to different clients repeatedly. The industry should strive to avoid such duplicative efforts when it comes to COVID-19 preparedness audits. Traditionally, avoiding audit fatigue has been difficult because of a lack of trust and a lack of access to data; that is, even if an organization trusts a factory’s claim that they’ve already been satisfactorily audited, the organization cannot access the data and so much execute their own audit. By bringing all players onto the same network, Inspectorio Rise facilitates the sharing of verified data so that everyone can benefit.

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On Rise, once a vendor or factory completes a self-assessment for one retailer, they can reuse that same information when working with another client. Furthermore, if that self-assessment data has already been verified by a third-party, it can be presented as such. This lets other clients know it is trustworthy and that an additional audit is unnecessary. With the COVID-19 situation changing so rapidly, it’s crucial that brands and retailers work together to get factories up and running safely in the most efficient way possible.

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