Fully configurable health & safety guidelines

Easily adapt your existing workplace standards to factor in COVID-19 precautions or leverage one of Inspectorio’s library of health & safety guidelines (developed in collaboration with leading brands, retailers and international NGOs).

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Leverage Inspectorio’s library of pre-configured guidelines & questionnaires to quickly disseminate vital anti-contamination instructions to your entire production ecosystem.

Quickly and easily distribute

your health & safety guidelines

To successfully implement a global coronavirus preparedness program, brands and retailers need to quickly understand each business partner’s pre-existing hazard management measures, weak points, and readiness to begin operations. Gaining this information from thousands of organizations across the globe in a structured manner can be very challenging, particularly when using emails and excel files. More robust technology must be adopted to accomplish this successfully. That’s where Rise comes in.

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With Inspectorio Rise, brands and retailers can easily adopt one of Inspectorio’s library of curated COVID-19 workplace readiness guidelines or configure a new guideline specifically tailored to their supply chain reality.

Brands and retailers can avail of Inspectorio’s library of Health and Safety guidelines, based on industry best practices and developed in collaboration with leading brands, retailers and international NGOs, to enable them to disseminate vital anti-contamination protocols to your entire ecosystem – fast. This collaboration and the highly configurable nature of our platform, has also culminated in the development of a comprehensive, all-inclusive Inspectorio COVID-19 workplace readiness guideline, designed to be applicable to the widest range of facilities and include all overlapping or equivalent best practices from a diverse range of current industry standards. By leveraging Inspectorio Rise to implement these guidelines, organizations gain a centralized view of the data coming in from all of their health & safety audits, while also reducing audit fatigue for their business partners – who will no longer need to submit multiple assessments including the same information time and time again.

Brands and Retailers using Rise can also centrally configure their own guidelines/questionnaires and distribute it to all vendor partners within the platform. These questionnaires are extremely configurable, with customizable structures, differing sub-questions based on each answer, scoring logic, fillable forms, various question-answer types, and more. This assessment toolkit lets sourcing teams collect comprehensive baseline information remotely. Finally, sourcing teams can automate the rating of answers, as well as automatically trigger corrective action plans for scores below a certain threshold, letting them quickly assess preparedness.

To gather and assess all the necessary information from thousands of organizations in time to safely start production back up in just a few short months, brands and retailers need to begin collecting baseline data now!

Start collecting vital health & safety information from your business partners now!

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