Real-time monitoring of self-assessments & verifications

You’ve asked your business partners to conduct self-assessments and participate in verifications. Now you need immediate visibility over their progress.

Monitor assessment statuses with Inspectorio real-time Real-time monitoring of Self-Assessments & Verifications

Real-time monitoring & reporting provide you with instantaneous updates on how your business partners and facilities around the world are complying with important health and safety initiatives.


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Based on our experience working with brands and retailers sporting some of the world’s largest supply chains, we know it’s challenging to chase down information from thousands of vendors and factories, particularly when the data needs to be collected and analyzed as fast as possible. That’s why Rise makes it easy to monitor the progress of your global assessment initiatives. Rise centralizes self-assessment, verification, and corrective action plan information into one platform and offers powerful searching, filtering, sorting, and analytics capabilities. This makes it the best tool for this type of effort.

On Rise, each vendor or factory receives a notification to fill out a new self-assessment from a client, seamlessly does so on the platform, then submits their responses while keeping a copy for their records. Brands and retailers can monitor worldwide progress in real time: How many vendors have completed their self-assessment? How many are in progress? How many haven’t even started? All of these answers are available on Rise with a single click. Furthermore, the available filters let teams understand progress being made in specific regions, in certain product lines/categories, etc. Finally, adjustable sorting preferences let teams organize data in whichever way makes the most sense; i.e. by score, last updated date, or other parameter. These features translate to high visibility for sourcing teams, giving them detailed information from many organizations at once.

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While visibility is important during the baseline information-gathering period, it’s just as important afterwards during the verification phase. On Rise, once baseline information is gathered through self-assessments, you and/or 3rd party inspection companies can physically go out to verify the information provided to the platform. Being able to reference the original self-assessment, as well as the user-friendly interface, simplify this verification process. Meanwhile, sourcing teams can see verification progress in real time from their home offices and make immediate go or no-go decisions regarding production.

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