Comprehensive COVID-19 Dashboard

Keep up-to-date with critical information. Adopt smarter, more dynamic strategies through real-time risk assessment.

Rise Covid-19 Real-time Dashboard - confirmed cases dashboard COVID-19 Sourcing Dashboard

In these uncertain times, accurate, updated information is crucial. How do we protect our partners from risks?
How do we identify our safe zones?

Monitor the global
situation in real-time
to efficiently manage
your operations

COVID-19 is set to continue disrupting supply chains for the foreseeable future. So, how can sourcing professionals manage their supply chain in a world where abrupt intermittent lockdowns become the new normal?

Rise Covid-19 Real-time Dashboard - confirmed cases dashboard COVID-19 Sourcing Dashboard lazy placeholder

Inspectorio Rise provides a real-time COVID-19 Sourcing Dashboard that centralizes key COVID-19 and compliance data in one place, so that your teams can make better-informed sourcing decisions. This dashboard allows organizations to understand how at risk their supply chains are of being disrupted by COVID-19, which specific product lines are at risk, where they can reallocate their production to operate more safely, and how the situation is likely to evolve in the near future.

In order to navigate supply chains successfully, it is now critical to be able to view COVID-19 data trends and compliance information in real-time, side by side.

It may become difficult to collect and interpret the amount and novelty of the information needed to figure out the best next steps and make the smartest decisions with the urgency the situation needs. Inspectorio RISE’s Sourcing Dashboard consolidates and processes all the relevant data for you, so you can focus your resources on executing the appropriate action plans to navigate the global emergency.

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