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Accurate color verification, beyond what the human eye can see.

Inspectorio SmartColor guarantees a 99.9% accuracy rate on all of your color verification needs.

Goodbye, gray-scales!

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Most companies rely on a subjective process to assess whether the color of what they’re producing truly matches the color of what was originally designed.

What Problems Does It Solve?

Subjective Color Verification

Lighting Altering Results

Inaccurate Reporting

To solve these problems, Inspectorio has developed a Color Reader integration that allows inspectors quick and easy verification to determine whether the color of an item matches that of an approved sample.

SmartColor offers Color Matching and Color Searching. Color Matching ensures the most accurate comparison of color. Color Searching ensures the approved color in the design is produced in the final product.

Variance in lighting is a problem that impacts the accuracy of color inspection. However, current solutions are costly. SmartColor limits the cost to achieving color inspection accuracy.

By using our SmartColor solution, organizations will be able to gather objective data on color discrepancies across their production
chain in order to drive measurable improvements.

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Our Solution

Consistent Color Reader that goes beyond human perception

Generates the perfect lighting to guarantee the correct result

99.9% accuracy rate

Say goodbye to gray-scales!