Reduce Time Spent Taking Measurements

Smart Tape

Data shows that measurement is the most painful part of the
inspection process. This is due to the section being the most
time-consuming and requiring the most labor.

Traditional Measurement Problems


More Manual Labor Required

Inaccurate Reporting

Typically two to three people are required to perform the measurement section. One inspector reads the points of measurement, another measures and records the findings.

With the Inspectorio SmartTape integration, inspectors have the ability for the points of measurement to be read to them by the device.

They also are able to take measurements using the Smart Tape, that are automatically recorded into the application.

By using the Inspectorio SmartTape you reduce the time spent taking measurements by up to 60%, while increasing the amount of data uploaded onto the Inspectorio platform.


With SmartTape you can have

time consuming

Less people needed to carry out measurements

Higher level of accuracy

Automatic reporting

Goodbye, manual measurements!