Work smarter with a centralized platform for managing compliance

Understand compliance risk in your supply chain and use data to mitigate it. Collaborate with your suppliers to drive efficiency and reduce compliance costs.

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传统的供应商管理方法通常涉及繁琐的手动流程,这使得在供应商的整个生命周期内难以验证身份并监控社会、环境和健康与安全审计、ISO 认证和技术能力审计等文档。 

Inspectorio Rise 旨在消除耗时的手动流程,引领全球生产链透明化转型,并帮助降低欺诈和错误等风险,最终实现跨生产网络的无摩擦连接。


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Collect and verify assessment data from your vendors and factories, and initiate and track corrective actions and continuous improvement programs.

目前已有非常多的方式,这些方式使得 Inspectorio enables you to have a centralized view of your suppliers around the world.

Data Analytics Insights

The data collected during your audits is extremely valuable, don’t let it sit in Excel files and isolated databases.

Instead, capture that data on the Inspectorio platform, and let our powerful data analytics features provide you with the insights you need.

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Inspectorio的 network dynamics allow vendors and factories to showcase the results of audits conducted at their facilities to avoid duplicating those audits with different clients.




为整个生产网络或单个供应商制定目标,并制定您将如何实现该目标的计划,然后跟进以确保完成目标。以上这些操作均可实现于 Inspectorio Rise. 

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Propel your internal audits and compliance programs to suit your unique needs by leveraging our configurable questionnaires and scoring logic.

Your admin users will be able to create engaging questionnaires using videos, answer-based flows, file upload modules, and more. Then, decide how these questionnaires should be scored to make sure your supply chain is living up to your standards.


How are other companies leveraging Inspectorio Rise?

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In order to fight Covid-19, the government, industry organizations, brands, retailers, suppliers and factory owners must work together to protect the lives of the millions of workers.


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Learn about how Interloop uses Inspectorio Rise to implement swift and transparent guidelines across different manufacturing facilities.<