The Inspectorio Network Platform Helps Target Grow

Watch how Target leverages the Inspectorio Platform to support its worldwide production chain.

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The Best Software Platform for Quality and Compliance

Business Reporter finds that 80%-90% of products are produced before the quality has been verified, leading to hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted. What if you could improve quality while reducing costs?

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Leveraging Technology in the Manufacturing Process

Learn how Winga has made cost-saving and efficiency-generating changes to the whole manufacturing process by embracing the Inspectorio Platform.

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Increasing the Competitiveness of the Production Chain

Efficiency and transparency across Avalon Apparel Group’s supply chain have improved drastically after embracing Inspectorio technology.

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Transform Your Supply Chain

Optimize Resources

Empower your teams to focus on value-added activities by eliminating manual tasks and saving time. Allocate freed-up resources for performance optimisation.

Leverage Data

Make data-driven decisions based on objective and real-time data. Full visibility in your production chain allows you to generate unbiased and efficient decisions.

Empower Collaboration

Leverage Inspectorio’s network dynamics to increase alignment between all your key stakeholders. Operational excellence can easily be achieved by using our effective, collaborative platform.

Automate Processes

Get ahead of competitors by leveraging digital technologies to enable a zero-defects and sustainable production chain. Immediately react to adverse conditions using AI and ML technologies.

Continuous Improvement

Use objective data to identify areas of opportunity and introduce improvement programs. In times of disruptions continuous improvements will help build frictionless supply chain operations.

Optimize Resources

Empower your teams to focus on value-added activities by eliminating manual tasks and saving time. Allocate freed-up resources for performance optimisation.

What are our clients saying?

Real-time data allows for faster turnaround time with the disposition of product, and an overall increased efficiency of total inspection time across our entire global quality network. The increased level of analytics and predictability has allowed us to decrease the level of repeat occurrences for the same defects”.

Vera Bradley

“By using this [Sight] Platform various teams are now digitally connected in our supply chain and have an enhanced real-time access to data across various reporting tools. We have experienced significant efficiency in time management leading to operational excellence.

Interloop Ltd.

This is not just an improvement to our processes. I would say this is a complete shift in mindset – the mindset of the company, of the inspectors, of our staff. There are so many activities that were consuming so much of our time and resources - and Inspectorio has saved us from that”.

Yunus Textile Mills Ltd.

“The ability to edit reports and pictures saves us time and allows us to do our work more efficiently. We are able to record non-conformities and upload supporting files.”

Wei Pan – Inspector Mango

“I like that I can easily share information on the platform and monitor in real-time how an inspection is going. This brings collaboration and transparency to the process.”

Michael Dong – Inspector Guangdong Textiles

"The Inspectorio system has created a lot of value for our company. The platform is highly customizable, brings visibility into our operations, and we are able to trace defects to the source. It’s a blessing for any manufacturer."

Saurabh Gupta Managing Partner Devgiri Exports

“With Inspectorio, we can manage inspection schedules very well and see everything in one page. Communication between factories, third-party agencies, and other stakeholders is easy and occurs in real-time. When an action is taken on an inspection, all stakeholders can know about it immediately.”

Windy Dong Merchandise Executive Regina Miracle Intl.

“Inspectorio has helped us create a standard inspection process for all our inspectors. This allows us to give visibility to our customers into inspections and pre-production processes.”

Miguel Bullrich Chief Supply Chain Officer Faryl Robin

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