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Founded in 2016, Inspectorio set out to revolutionize the supply chain industry. Today, our technology empowers businesses from multiple industries to optimize their quality, sustainability and compliance operations.

Inspectorio’s best in class software is trusted by over 7,000 organizations across the globe.

History of Inspectorio

It happens a thousand times a day, all over the world—an inspector walks into a factory to inspect a brand’s products, paper and pen in hand. They complete their inspection, and a few days later, the retailer or vendor will get the report. The work gets done, but it can take weeks for the info to get back to everyone involved” (Target).

Inspectorio was founded by Carlos Moncayo, David Klein, Fernando Moncayo, and Luis Moncayo in July 2016 to reinvent this dated inspection process. After experiencing the challenges and pitfalls of these traditional methods first hand, having founded ASIAM Business Group in 2003, our founders set out to bring revolutionary technology and transparency to the retail supply chain.

Originally based in Hong Kong, the company moved its headquarters to Minneapolis after participating in the Target Techstars accelerator program. Inspectorio now has over 150 employees, spread across offices in Minneapolis, Ecuador, China, Vietnam and Belarus.

Following a successful Series A financing round in July 2018, Inspectorio’s investors include leading Venture Capitalist investors, Techstars Fund, and Fortune 500 companies.

Our solutions for

The Supply Chain

Our supply chain products, Sight & Rise, empower brands, retailers, and their supplier matrix to optimize their quality and sustainability operations by enhancing supply chain collaboration & visibility.

Inspectorio Tracking  About

Production tracking software to prevent supply chain delays and dramatically improve on-time delivery performance.

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Inspectorio Sight is a quality control platform, powered by AI and machine learning  About

End-to-end quality control!

One platform to manage Pre-Production, Inline, Final, Warehouse Inspections, and more.

Inspectorio Rise is a compliance and sustainability monitoring platform  About Rise Logo 2xFullB

Empower & trust your business partners! Environmental, social and health & safety compliance audits made easy!

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