Monitor inspection case booking creation, changes, cancelations, rejections, and more, streamlining your operations and reducing waste.

This tool begins with advanced, easy-to-use filters that allow you to narrow down the data displayed by inspection date, retailer, office, and more.

Pre-Inspection Window

The Total Bookings by Status section shows the number of new, confirmed, waived, and rejected bookings within your specified filter parameters.

Below this, Booking Compliance displays the number of On-Time Bookings, Rejected Bookings, and Bookings Not Confirmed, as well as what percentages of the whole each of these comprise. This is followed by a table listing the most common reasons for booking rejections.

The Waived Booking Compliance section displays both the number of waived bookings and the Bookings Waived for Non-Compliant Reason, along with percentages for perspective. Similarly to the preceding section, these figures are followed by a table listing the leading reasons for waived bookings.

A key insight resides in the Difference Between Booking Creation Date and Shipment Date section, which displays this difference for both final random inspections (FRI) and during-production (DUPRO) inspections. This gap, which is defined by each brand or retailer, ensures there is enough time for correction actions between inspection and shipment.

Keep track of the overall punctuality of your ecosystem’s inspections with the Expected Inspection Date Vs. Scheduled Date section. Featuring an intuitive bar graph, this section displays the numbers and percentages of inspections that occur on time, 1 day early or late, 2 days early or late, and 2+ days early or late.

Supplier Performance ranks all suppliers in your ecosystem by on-time booking rate, booking rejection rates, booking waive rate, or booking reset rate. View rankings in ascending or descending order to quickly gauge which of your suppliers are performing best or worst, giving you fast insight into which areas need resources most urgently.

Finally, the Total Booking List shows all bookings for the selected parameters of your filters. With each booking, view the booking status (confirmed, rejected, waived), whether it was on-time, the booking type, and the requested, confirmed, and actual inspection dates. Click on the booking case number to view the inspection report. This entire section is downloadable as a CSV file for bookkeeping and sharing.

Non-Compliant Booking Analysis

The Non-Compliant Booking Analysis features similar tools to the Booking Summary, but encompasses bookings that are proceeded after a predefined deadline. Understand exactly which type of non-compliance is most prevalent throughout your ecosystem to make the most effective decisions for improvement.

A Non-Compliant Bookings section displays the numbers and percentages of waived, canceled, aborted, and split bookings, with the subsequent three sections providing details on rejected, reset/waived, and aborted bookings.

Finally, the Supplier Performance and Non-Compliant Bookings List round off Booking Analytics with high-resolution details on non-compliant inspections. With these tools, you can stay completely in sync with passed and non-compliant bookings, schedule changes, and the overall efficiency of your supply chain quickly and in real-time.

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