Inspectorio’s CAPA Analytics tool gives you unrestricted access to all key corrective and preventative actions (CAPA) metrics, letting you deep-dive into your area of interest and gain the insights you need to improve upstream processes.

A comprehensive set of filters lets you dial in the results by specifying variables like inspection date, oversight office, inspection executor, and so on.

Once you have selected your filter parameters, the Key Metrics section underneath will display the following:

  • Number of CAPAs: the number of CAPAs available for review based on your filter selections.
  • Average Time to First Response: the average amount of time it takes for a Vendor/Factory to respond to the CAPA request.
  • Average Time to Close: the average amount of time it takes vendors and factories to close their CAPA — meaning a status of Approved, Rejected, or Re-inspection Requested.
  • Number of CAPA Closed With/Without Comments: indicates whether the vendor or factory completed the CAPA thoroughly (with comments) or potentially sped through it (without comments).

The “By Status” bar chart provides an overview of the distribution of CAPA statuses: Waiting for Response, Submitted, Approved, Re-Inspection Requested (Solved/Unsolved), and Rejected. Beside it, the “CAPA Iterations” section provides insight into how efficiently factories and vendors are communicating and resolving CAPAs by displaying the number of iterative submissions and re-submissions.

The Detail Breakdown section displays all relevant metrics for CAPAs issued within your specified filter parameters. Customize this list by Factories and/or Suppliers, Oversight Office, Inspection Executors, or CAPAs, with the selected argument appearing in the first column. Selecting Show by CAPAs will display the CAPA’s status, number of iterations, with/without comments status, time to first response, and time to close. Show by Factories and/or suppliers, on the other hand, will display aggregated metrics for each factory and/or supplier. This table’s robust metrics represent the ultimate level of detail available in CAPA Analytics, and it is downloadable as a CSV for analysis off the platform.

CAPA Analytics is a robust tool that quickly moves from a big-picture overview to fine detail, giving you the power to analyze all CAPA activity within your ecosystem in a short amount of time. This empowers brands and retailers to stay engaged with factories and vendors as they navigate improvements, while also providing the novel ability to spot problems as they occur.

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