Factory Analytics

Leverage immense amounts of data in an intuitive and easy-to-use tool, giving you total visibility over quality and compliance within your factories.

Factory Analytics

Take in the performance of your entire ecosystem in a glance, diving into more detailed analytics as needed with a few clicks.

As with other Analytics features, Factories Summary begins by letting you filter the results with your desired date range, country, retailer, and more.

This lets you quickly dial in exactly the data you’re looking for, preventing information overwhelm and making the most of each individual section.

Once you have selected your filters, quickly get up to speed with an overview of the Inspected Quantity, Purchase Orders, and Bookings. Below these sections is the Total Number of Inspections, which along with Inspected Quantity includes a comparison between the current time period and a previous equal time period.

Gain insights into inspections with the Inspection Result section, which displays the relative pass and fail rates as well as the different types of inspections performed. This is supplemented by a graph displaying the pass rates for packaging, workmanship, measurement, and verification, providing immediate insight into why the bulk of inspections may have passed or failed.

For more detail into why inspections are passing or failing, the Inspection Detail feature includes sections for packaging, workmanship, measurement, and verification. You have full power to categorize the information in each section, revealing the numbers of defect types per calendar month. By clicking on the month, photos of the defects found in that month appear to the right. Within each picture, clicking “View Report” immediately opens the full inspection report in which the defect was found.

The Top 10 Factories List ranks the top 10 factories either by pass rate or fail rate. Clicking on each factory shows the same type of graph as in the Inspection Result section, allowing you to analyze the performance of top-rated factories as a benchmark for improvements across your ecosystem.

Thus, in very little time, Factories Summary Analytics helps you understand detailed performance metrics over your entire supply chain.

Factory Performance Analytics

The Factory Performance tool gives you more comprehensive analysis of individual factories. Simply select the tool in the upper right-hand corner of the Factories Summary page and select the factory you wish to study.

This tool harnesses all the power of the Factories Summary Page for just one factory. After selecting the filter criteria, you can choose between two tabs: General Information and Inspection Summary.

The first section under General Information is the Factory Information section, which provides general information on the factory.

A Production Summary section shows the total number of inspections in the selected period and for the previous equal period, as well as a breakdown of the types of products inspected. The total number of inspected purchase orders for the factory, the total number of bookings, and the statuses of these bookings are covered in the following sections.

The Ranking section ranks the factory’s performance in producing items for different suppliers. This shows the number of inspections and the pass/fail rate for each supplier the factory is working with. This provides revolutionary transparency into how the factory’s performance stacks up with different suppliers.

Inspection Summary also includes an Inspection Detail section, giving you complete visibility into a factory’s performance. By taking both a bird’s eye view of your entire ecosystem and a tightly focused dive into individual factory performance metrics, you now have the capability to manage your supply chain with unprecedented clarity.

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