How did global manufacturer, Delta Galil Industries, accelerate their transition from a forward-thinking organization to a digital, interconnected, and empowered production chain?

They enabled real-time visibility into their quality data with Inspectorio.

Established in 1975, Delta Galil Industries is a global manufacturer and marketer of private-label apparel products.

Trusted by leading apparel designers and retailers worldwide, Delta Galil helps introduce new products and innovative manufacturing solutions that answer consumer demands and help grow market share. They have established strategically located design, development, and manufacturing centers across four continents. Delta Galil was introduced to Inspectorio as part of a rollout of one of their strategic partnerships with a world-class retailer.

After seeing the value, Delta Galil decided to upgrade their current platform capabilities and implement Inspectorio globally.

delta galil Case Study – Delta Galil Industries

In their effort to consistently innovate while maintaining their global growth, Delta Galil needed a platform that would provide them oversight across all their divisions worldwide.

Even though each division operated separately with their own processes and standards, the company needed visibility at a global level in regard to quality and performance.

Previously, Delta Galil used multiple systems to manage their quality operations, creating siloed data and sharing of best practices. Moving to one centralized quality platform would help them improve operational efficiency and transparency.

Delta Galil recognized the need to effectively capture and analyze data to shift to a more proactive approach to quality that would drive continuous growth and improvement.

Understanding where issues are happening in real time would help them engage with their ecosystem in a more productive way, and the use of data would frame those conversations. Using data-driven decision making would help Delta Galil consistently deliver quality products while optimizing costs and efforts.

delta galil Case Study – Delta Galil Industries lazy placeholder

Having access to a unified quality-monitoring platform enables Delta Galil to visualize their quality processes and standards around the world. Inspectorio has provided them with greater visibility into operations and important quality performance metrics, ensuring complete coverage of their production cycle across their global brands.

Delta Galil has increased their operational efficiency by significantly reducing the need for manual work. Time and effort savings allow the Quality Team to focus on the key activities that drive improvement, increase quality, and allow better communication with their partners.

With the help of Inspectorio Analytics, Delta Galil has access to actionable real-time insights helping them in their commitment to continuously exceed their customers’ expectations.

Armed with reliable data, Delta Galil is able to prioritize use of operational resources by initiating timely corrective actions while maximizing product quality.

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