For Yunus Textile Mills, Pakistan’s largest manufacturer and exporter of home textiles, quality is at the core of their business and the products they sell.

Ensuring the highest quality for every client requires coordination and visibility in all stages of production. To achieve the level of connectivity needed across the production process, Yunus decided to digitize pre-production meetings (PPM) with Inspectorio.

By digitizing the PPM process, Yunus adopted a modern end-to-end internal quality management system to increase operational efficiency and better serve the needs of its clients.

"Yunus Textile Mills has the vision of digitizing all its quality assurance processes. For this reason, we’ve decided to digitize and optimize our Pre-Production Meetings with Inspectorio. We expect this initiative to ensure production is right the first time, reduce manufacturing errors, and bring visibility for our buyers and factories."

Muhammad Obaid MukhtarGeneral Manager QC/QA/QMS

Yunus has been producing textiles since 1962, emerging as a major global player in the past few decades. The company’s products are distinguished by an exacting degree of quality, competitive price points, and a consistent ethos of environmental responsibility.

yunus textile mills Yunus Digitizes Pre-Production Meetings to Increase Efficiency IMG 1 300x200Digitization began in earnest in 2019 when Yunus onboarded Inspectorio for quality and compliance assurance. “Inspectorio’s impact has been huge,” says Areeb Ahmed, Yunus’ Executive Quality Management Systems. “Having a single platform has transformed us.”

Below we look at the next step in Yunus and Inspectorio’s journey: digitizing PPMs.

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Yunus Factory

A One-Stop-Shop for Quality Management

Yunus’ goal is to implement a one-stop-shop solution for quality management, where all quality related activities can take place.

Yunus is able to do this with Inspectorio’s platform, where quality teams can conduct pre-production meetings, pre-final and final inspections, and analyze reports and CAPA after an inspection.

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Yunus started digitizing pre-final and final inspections with Inspectorio, and the benefits the company experienced were significant. Yunus’ quality teams were able to:

  1. reduce the cost of quality
  2. easily locate defects
  3. improve inspector performance.

Due to this success, Yunus decided to move on to the next step, which was digitizing PPM with Inspectorio, obtaining a comprehensive solution that integrates all inspection activities on the same system.

PPMs Before and After Inspectorio

An effective PPM should serve as a checkpoint; manufacturing should only proceed if the meeting is deemed satisfactory by all. This requires a full discussion of all pre-requisites and actions to achieve smooth production flow.

Additionally, all parties must agree on:

  • risk assessments
  • a style bulletin
  • a manufacturing control plan
  • customer-provided specifications;

these need to be accessible and clear to all stakeholders.

However, achieving these goals was a painstaking effort before Inspectorio.

“We used to conduct all PPMs manually,” says Ahmed. “There were no proper recordings of meeting minutes, there were no photos, and there were a lot of gaps. We had no evidence of PPM documents for clients.”

Digitizing PPMs has radically changed how Yunus conducts and leverages these crucial meetings — both before production and once it has begun.

"We can ask everyone to complete their documents beforehand, upload them to Inspectorio, and have access to those documents during the manufacturing process."

Areeb AhmedExecutive Quality Management Systems

Yunus has conducted more than 50 digitized pre-production meetings in 2 months’ time, since the manufacturer first rolled out this activity with Inspectorio. The digitized process to conduct PPM is now in full swing and has been implemented across the entire organization.

Inspectorio’s real-time reports and data sharing have improved Yunus’ accountability and efficiency.

"With the uploading of reports, and with the pictorial evidence attached in them, we can access them and fetch the required analysis at any time. Reports are auto-generated, which allows us to show our clients real data on what we have done and discussed."

Areeb AhmedExecutive Quality Management Systems

The Benefits of Digitizing PPMs

It is clear that Yunus doesn’t view PPMs as an isolated step in the client journey. The PPM process is a step that informs every step and carries through to each stage of production.

Digitized PPMs have benefitted Yunus in the following ways:

Pre-Production Coordination 

With Inspectorio, Yunus is able to conduct pre-production activities on a centralized platform, ensuring all pre-requisites are in place and all stakeholders are aligned before production starts.

The benefits of this include:

  • Getting production right the first time
  • Ensuring smooth production flow thanks to clear, accessible communication
  • 100% adherence to all agreed-upon terms

Customer Specifications

“During the manufacturing process, if anyone wants to see the customer specifications, they are available on the platform.”

This is a dramatic improvement from conventional manual processes, in which being able to reference customer specifications requires keeping many copies at hand around multiple factories

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For a company as large as Yunus, with six factories, over 15,000 employees, and an ever-growing clientele, being able to pull up customer specifications at any time on Inspectorio’s platform has made them far more accessible.

Transparency and Visibility

Yunus is also benefiting from greater transparency and visibility in their manufacturing process. When it comes to clients, Ahmed notes how “we can now show them the ways in which we prepared for manufacturing, as well as how we produce their goods.”

When there’s a customer complaint, having all points of the process permanently reviewable creates faster remediation.

Inspectorio allows us to know immediately what happened and how to correct the issue.

Areeb AhmedExecutive Quality Management Systems

Having easy and full-network access to documents, specifications, and requirements also helps Yunus’ quality teams control production, and compare the products to what was agreed on before.

Compare this with manual methods, in which a company must initiate a retrospective process of looking for glitches and deducing where the problem may have originated.

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Yunus Design Studio

Proof of Method

Not only can Yunus produce better products, but they have proof of their process thanks to Inspectorio’s continuous aggregation of data. “Using the platform helps us show clients how secure our process is, which has also helped us improve our business.”

Stronger Internal Processes

All of this adds up to happier clients, better products, and more favorable margins.

Inspectorio’s platform will continue to make a huge difference in product quality, time savings, and transparency. It will keep us stronger with regards to our internal processes. It will help us show our clients how we take care of their products and their specifications.

Areeb AhmedExecutive Quality Management Systems

When speaking about the effect this change has had on Yunus’ business, Ahmed leans again on the company’s core principle of quality. “There is no doubt: if you get your product right the first time, if it’s been manufactured well and inspected well, your business will increase. We have increased our business by using these tools to help us manufacture our products well.”

Advice for Other Manufacturers

Areeb Ahmed has overseen a significant transformation in Yunus’ entire operational structure. For others in the industry looking to maximize their resources, he has the following advice:

“We would recommend to all manufacturers that visibility is the most important thing. You should be able to let your customer know how you’re taking care of their product; they should know that you’re manufacturing their product correctly. Yunus wants to show the consumer that they can rely on us without any hesitation and will be happy with our product. That’s the ideology we recommend for others.”

Inspectorio: The Fastest, Most Effective Way to Digitize PPMs

A digitized PPM means real-time monitoring, analytics, risk assessment, automation, and interconnectivity of product CTQs from beginning to end. And when failure happens, remediation starts immediately with real-time, automated CAPAs.

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