Cost Benefit Analysis of New Technologies Used in Garment Production

By January 31, 2017

Technologies are necessary. In fact, their use in people’s everyday activities has become essential since the day machines came to take up the job done by men before that. And as time goes and technology improves, their need in every sphere of the economy is becoming necessary. Same goes for especially Garment Production since it is one of the hardest and biggest resource consuming industry. By saying resources, I mean the human potential and time too.

That is one of the main reasons for using new technologies in garment production, to make the process easier, faster and more efficient. But is the use of newest technologies beneficial for the industry? Or what impact does it have in the first place? In this article, these are exactly what we are going to talk about. But first, let’s discuss a few of those newest additions to the production process.

Cutting is one of the essential parts of the garment production process. And with time, it needs to be done faster and faster, more and more effective. So, to reduce the time spent on cutting, ensure high quality cuts and save resources, a few modern technologies are now being actively used in the garment cutting procedure. Some of the most commonly used cutting machines are:

  1. Straight knife cutting machine

These machines can cut any material of fabric you desire fast and easily. Its base is comprised of a base plate, with four rollers that help the machine glide on the product with ease. Also it has a handle since it needs to be directed by someone. The machine is careful with the fabric to avoid fusing. 

  1. End Cutter

As the name speaks for itself, end cutters are used to cut the end of each layer before starting work on another end of the fabric. They cut the ends perfectly straight, which proves the efficiency of the new technology. Additionally, these cutters are easy for attaching to any cutting table in a fast manner.

After the invention of the first sewing machine more than two centuries ago, it was evident that their need will only continuously grow as the industry of garment manufacturing develops. And that is what happened. Nowadays there are some new types of sewing machines, which drastically reduce the time spent on putting a shirt together from 1 hour to a quarter. These are some of those types:

  1. Single needle lockstitch machine

These machines are very fast and efficient to use for pocket attachment, back and front joining or side stitching. So, they are perfect for smaller details.

  1. Double needle lockstitch machine

Similar to its one needed friend, DNLS machine comes in very handy when there are double stitches needed to join cuff sleeves, bottom hems, and so on. Their effectiveness saves a lot of time.

  1. Feed off the arm machine

Almost speaks for itself as well. This type of sewing machine is used to attach two sides of the sleeves to each other with the help of the side seam.

So these were only a few of the new technologies used in the garment production, and now let’s proceed onto discussing their benefits, especially concerning their cost.

Newest technological advancements in any industry are not cheap. Their use requires some investment. However, the advantages they have over older technologies or no technologies whatsoever, quickly overpower the ‘second guesses.'

First of all, new technologies are fast. They make the process of production a certain garment at least twice faster, which in its turn saves your time resources, which is the most important one, and also the time of your workers.

Secondly, modern technologies are effective. This makes your production process go smoother and with less likeliness of defects (in this case concerning the cuts and the stitches).

Thirdly, of course, the machines make the entire job easier to perform, which is always a plus.

So, in return for investing some good money in new technology, you get more items produced at the same time, which results in more profit for you in a more effective way. Is there now a reason to doubt their use?

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