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Inspectorio introduces new supply chain tracking platform, adding to its quality and compliance solutions

Written by David Klein, President, Co-Founder of Inspectorio

Last week, we announced the launch of Inspectorio Tracking™, Inspectorio’s digital platform to optimize order tracking for brands, retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers. The launch of Tracking marks a huge milestone in our mission to build more transparent and resilient supply chains.>

By adding order tracking to our suite of products – which already has solutions for quality and compliance– we are building a holistic end-to-end performance management platform for businesses to effectively analyze the performance of their suppliers.

When we founded Inspectorio in 2016, our goal was to digitalize manual processes that were inefficient and bring more visibility to the supply chain. Today, we see the positive results of using digitization to centralize activities into a network platform and break data silos across different teams, organizations, and supply chain functions.

The question now is:

Why did we decide to create a product that digitalizes order tracking? What is the value the product will bring to the market?

To answer these questions, let’s explore what has happened to the supply chain in the past year and a half.

The pandemic hits – time to embrace digitization

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, brands, retailers, and vendors didn’t have visibility over the production of their orders. Buyers had many questions about the status of the production of their goods.

The whole industry had to rely on emails and Excel files to obtain information and could not get responses quickly.

Brands and retailers would ask vendors, vendors would ask factories, and factories would send back information that most times wasn’t complete nor actionable. The process has always been manual, time-consuming, and reactive. Most businesses were forced to embrace digitization and started seeing the opportunities that come with new technologies beyond the pandemic.

At Inspectorio, we responded to our customers’ needs and that is why we decided to digitalize and optimize order tracking.


Brands, retailers, and vendors work with hundreds and sometimes thousands of factories around the world. People working in the sourcing, quality, and compliance side of production deal with an extenuating number of suppliers, purchase orders, and items spread out across the globe.

Inspectorio Tracking™ was built to increase transparency and accountability. We want the industry to have access to reliable data and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to validate on a centralized platform they can access at any time from anywhere.

We saw the opportunity to accelerate the transformation of production tracking, in a similar way we did with quality and compliance management. Our company – with its existing products, customer network, and team – is uniquely positioned to consolidate major areas within the production of goods into a centralized and digital platform.

Let’s see how.

The first end-to-end supplier performance management platform

How can brands, retailers, and vendors know what’s happening during the production of orders? How can they know if the items will ship on time and if the items will meet their product requirements?

The answer is simple: you need an interconnected, digital platform that all stakeholders can monitor in real-time.

Building strong relationships with suppliers can lead to a competitive advantage. Collaborating with suppliers is essential to produce and deliver goods on time, and collaboration must include system integrations and data exchange at all stages of production.

With Inspectorio Tracking™, we’re enabling teams to collaborate more efficiently so they can proactively focus on managing exceptions for potential delays, and drive actions to mitigate impacts.

How does Inspectorio Tracking complement our quality and compliance solutions?

We have the mission of revolutionizing production management worldwide, and to do this we are incorporating key supply chain functions into a platform capable of creating a digital ecosystem that is easy to manage and quick to react to any changes.

By integrating quality, compliance, and order tracking – and bringing supply chain organizations together under a network platform – the possibilities to automate manual tasks, manage risk, and obtain a higher ROI become endless.

With Inspectorio’s product suite, we are leading the advancement of software for the supply chain and empowering businesses from multiple industries to optimize their quality, compliance, and order tracking operations.


We believe the launch of Inspectorio Tracking™ marks a milestone in the future of production management.

With modern tools such as cloud computing and machine learning, we can build an interconnected and automated supply network where data is shared in real-time between brands, retailers, manufacturers, and suppliers. As a result, we can allow supply chain players to be more productive, save costs, and minimize waste through efficient collaboration.

To find out more about Inspectorio Tracking, click the image below.


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