Assess Performance at the Facility Level with Organization Analytics

By November 21, 2022

To our customers using Inspectorio Rise, we invite you to access Organization Analytics to gain a 360-degree view of factory compliance and audit performance in a centralized platform.

Compliance and sourcing professionals can gather and analyze data from across their supply chain to make better and smarter decisions.

Understand how factories perform, evaluate areas to improve, and get better data on factory readiness and capabilities.

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Gain a 360-degree view of factory compliance across your supply chain

Understand how your factories are performing across different standards and easily gain a high-level overview of performance.

Drill down and identify areas to improve within each standard to see where your factories are failing. Easily access average scores to analyze performance across your supplier base and work to get the scores you expect from your factories.


Get a comprehensive ranking of your factories based on how they perform to understand the factories’ capabilities, readiness, and compliance with different social or environmental standards.

With Organization Analytics, you can see how assessments and corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) are in progress so you can work with your factories on getting audits and improvements done on time.

Analyze individual factory performance to drive improvements

Access a factory scorecard to understand how the facilities are performing across different standards. See a breakdown of the sections where the factory failed to improve performance. 


View factory performance over time to understand if the factories are improving or not. This allows you to make smarter investment and sourcing decisions over time. Gain a granular view of areas to improve to help your factories drive optimal performance.

Do more with Organization Analytics

Are you ready to take your compliance and sustainability audits to the next level?

With Organization Analytics you can:

  • Gain a 360-degree view of factory compliance and performance in a centralized platform.
  • Hold your business partners accountable for their performance.
  • Create one source of truth to assess supplier performance.
  • Have data to support your compliance and sustainability initiatives.

Learn more about how to leverage Organization Analytics across your supply chain, get in touch with our team or visit our Help Center.

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