The Benefits of Digitalized Production Tracking for Vendors

By April 29, 2022

As a global vendor, gaining new business and building relationships with buyers means being able to handle disruptions in an increasingly turbulent world — something that is no longer possible without digital time and action (T&A) management.

Effective T&A management requires collaboration from nearly every department. When done correctly, T&A management improves workflows and creates efficient processes. Even more importantly, it protects your company’s reputation.

Below, we look at key benefits of digitalizing T&A calendars with production tracking software, and some of the main challenges faced by vendors in this area.

The benefits of digitalized T&A management

Digitalizing T&A management allows you to radically improve your ability to gain and retain business. Inspectorio Tracking provides a streamlined, all-in-one digital module that enables vendors to update production statuses and improve operational efficiency.

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These are some key benefits of digitalized T&A management you should know about:

1. Bring visibility to your supply chain

Conventional Microsoft Excel spreadsheets make it difficult to update your T&A calendar as production moves along. Furthermore, sharing these updates with multiple stakeholders around the globe is both cumbersome and time-consuming.

As a vendor, if you can communicate every step of production with buyers in real-time, it brings transparency to the entire production and management process. Digitalized T&A calendar updates allow buyers to understand what’s happening with their products and build trust in your capabilities to deliver good quality products on time.

2. Automate workflows to improve team efficiency

Even if you’ve made moves to optimize your business processes, chances are that your employees are still performing manual tasks. Internal business practices often fall victim to habit, executing in a specific way out of familiarity rather than an actual best approach. 

New tech tools like Inspectorio Tracking empower vendors with new capabilities such as:  

  • In-app commenting centralizes communications about production plans
  • An activity log keeps track of changes and updates while ensuring accountability across stakeholders
  • The elimination of manual processes improves efficiency, morale, and resources across the production network
  • The ability to create custom forms to fit different production requirements
  • Centralized buyers' management — including purchase orders and quality programs — reduces operational complexity.

3. Make data-driven decisions

To effectively manage and monitor different factories and purchase orders, you must have the ability not only to collect accurate data, but also to filter and analyze it. The implementation of data-driven decision making means backing your business decision with facts and metrics.

This is only possible with new digital tools like Inspectorio Tracking. With Tracking, you can take advantage of the opportunity to compare performance, recognize trends, and accurately assess when and where to intervene. 

4. Reduce overhead costs

According to a recent survey, 57% of supply chain professionals reported collaborating with colleagues remotely as one of the largest pandemic-era challenges. Because the world is unlikely to revert back to its old ways, a true solution needs to address this problem.

Inspectorio Tracking allows all stakeholders real-time visibility over the production status of your orders. That means you’ll know when something goes wrong and be able to collaboratively solve issues on time.

5. Improve your buyer relationships

Your business may have at least a dozen buyers, each with its own production tracking requirements. 

Inspectorio Tracking gives you a more efficient communication channel, as well as configurable T&A plans, to allow buyers to specify their preferences. By reducing delays and granting full visibility, you build trust and open the door for new business.

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The vendor’s dilemma

If you work with numerous third-party suppliers and buyers, you’re familiar with the pressure of managing a growing number of T&As. Digitalizing T&A calendars can help you address the following challenges:

1. Manual and inefficient T&A management

Without a centralized platform for handling T&As, each additional project can tax your company’s workload. A lack of visibility also makes it difficult to identify the root cause of production delays and to prevent them in the future.

2. Poor communication with stakeholders

Vendors also need to keep track of T&A for the factories they work with.  Decentralized communication with both factories and buyers leads to a heavy workload and additional stress, all while increasing the time needed to fulfill T&A requirements. 

3. Different formats and requirements for each T&A

When your T&A calendars don’t fit a single format, the result is a jumble of different spreadsheets, software, and email threads that make it difficult to stay organized. This leads to more manual, time-consuming work. It also increases the likelihood of human error and opens the door for poor communication.

4. No aggregated historical data of T&A management

It is difficult to promote continuous improvement if you can’t easily see how well you are performing over time. Additionally, a lack of aggregated data makes it difficult to demonstrate good past performance.

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