The “Caring” Generation, or Millennials and their Approach to Brands

By December 1, 2016

Nowadays, millennials comprise the largest group of consumers around the world. Being the generation born from the early 80’s till the end of 90’s or 2000 (the year range may vary based on the opinions of different demographers and researchers), they represent ideas and values that differ from what has been prioritised before, by other generations.

In today’s technologically advancing world, millennials are open-minded and take all the advancements as they come. The use of technologies and social media is growing in their value system, as long as social justice having its huge importance in that same system too.

However, those are not the only things that interest millennials. In our present society of economic growth, newly launched brands or constantly expanding existing brand, millennials have their roles in those progressing actions both as consumers and stakeholders.

A great amount of businesses see the generation of millennials as their target market. A lot of brands found the effective ways to interest millennials and somehow connect with them in ways that are meaningful and attractive. Popular and big brands such as Sony, Apple, Oreo and others use efficient strategies to target and catch the eyes of millennials.

While speaking about ways to attract them, the generation Y(otherwise called same millennials) also has solid values about what good brands should embody.

Since it is not only about technologies and new advancements, millennials find social justice and social responsibility as important as that, if not more, in the brands they love, use or work for. As much as they value high quality product, they also care about the environment.

According to Forbes, 75% of millennials care about the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  of a brand. They find it very important to know that the brand they use or work for is thoughtful about their community and initiates projects to give back to it.

csr.jpgSource: Mallen Baker’s Respectful Business Blog

Millennials are concerned with social issues and they expect the brands they love to share their concerns and implement projects or campaigns towards resolving those issues. Not to mention that millennials are very brand-loyal, which only emphasizes the need for brands to pay attention to their Social Responsibility status.

Since the representatives of this generation take up almost  a fourth of the world’s entire population, it is safe to say that their word is important, their influence strong in a lot of spheres, from fashion or technologies.

According to a study conducted by Moosylvania in 2015, millennials have a high sense of responsibility towards the world that surrounds them. And since they care about it, they have the same expectations from the brands they use. That is why “brands that market with a strong, positive message and display a sense of social responsibility” are more likely to be a favorite of this generation. Brands such as Microsoft, Sony, Nike, Apple and many others have successfully shown their consumers that they feel responsible for the environment and for the society they owe their successes to.


Source: Moosylvania

Now onto bringing some examples here. Taking Apple, it would only be fair to mention their remarkable initiatives towards Respecting the environments they work and live in, Preparing people for the workplace and beyond, etc. No wonder the world goes viral with their love towards this brand.

Next, let’s take a look at yet another tremendous company’s mission to give back to their community and the world they live in, Microsoft has taken steps to prove their sense of social responsibility. It consists of their CSR strategy being divided into three key focus areas, which are, respectively, Principles, People, Planet.

Another great influencer is, of course, loved by everyone, Nike. As big and as successful it is all over the world, the company never forgets to think about the rest of the surrounding world: kids, workforce, environment. Among their CSR actions are enlisted Community Impact Fund, Sustainable Innovations and other projects implemented within those groups.

Sparing you a verbose description, the CSR strategy for one of the world’s biggest, multinational conglomerate corporations, SONY, can be put in one phrase: For the next generation.

Seeing all these evidences, is it now clear why the millennials, the dominating section of the world’s population in terms of consumption and workforce, so concerned about their favorite brands having a high sense of social responsibility and good intentions towards the society? Because millennials are so attentive and caring towards the world that is around them, towards the people, the community, creating a high quality product to interest them is not enough. Millennials love brands that care, brands that are socially responsible.

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