[Webinar] Inspectorio Announces Tracking and Series B Raise

By May 18, 2022

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Building an autonomous system for production management

Inspectorio’s mission is to make the production of goods efficient, transparent, and beneficial to people and the planet. Inspectorio Tracking, the newest production tracking solution, is a connecting thread to unleash automation in quality and compliance management. You can build an automated workflow and specify when quality and compliance activities occur to ensure efficient production.

The vision to create an autonomous system for production management is illustrated below. You can automate when inspections and audits happen depending on when certain process and production milestones are reached:


Over the last three years, managers have started to realize that supply chains are not ready to operate efficiently with the level of flexibility, visibility, and connectivity needed in today’s business world. Inspectorio’s product portfolio aims to connect processes and stakeholders; Inspectorio Tracking is designed to modernize and optimize production tracking.

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Modernizing global sourcing and production tracking operations

Many brands, retailers, and suppliers with manufacturing overseas don’t have visibility over the production status of their purchase orders. This causes production delays, last-minute timeline changes, and lack of accountability.

Some of the main pain points related to production tracking are below:

Tracking_Pain_Points 2_1

David Klein leads product development at Inspectorio and is at the forefront of creating solutions that increase productivity and efficiency for customers. “One of the key principles of our product development is to make sure that our product is flexible enough to adapt to the different production processes that different products, product categories, product lines have,” explains Klein.

Customizable forms, real-time notifications of critical events, and centralized communication with supply chain partners are some of the main functions of Inspectorio Tracking that help address production tracking pain points.

Moreover, the benefits that customers receive from Tracking include increased productivity, reduced costs, and better collaboration, among others:


Inspectorio Tracking in Action

Time and Action Management Page

T&A monitor

When you think of Inspectorio Tracking, it’s important you think about a digitized time and action (T&A) calendar. T&A calendars can have one or multiple purchase orders tied to them with the different milestones of production that need to be tracked. You can easily identify what orders are on time and what orders are delayed.

Time and Action Details and Centralized Communications

You can see the details of the purchase orders connected to a T&A calendar, and most importantly you can see the production milestones and their completion status.

T&A details You can access comments and activities related to a specific T&A calendar; a powerful way to centralize communication and eliminate paper trails.


Monitor Production Status

View the status of completion of the different production and process milestones. As a supplier or vendor,production status you’re able to update the T&A calendars directly on the Inspectorio platform to centralize activities related to time and action management and communication.


Production Tracking Analytics

On Inspectorio, you’re able to see different types of analytics for T&A calendars. Operational analysis shows you statistics about T&A creation and completion, and what purchase orders and milestones are overdue.

T&A analyticsYou can see the reasons for delays and the difference between planned date versus completed date for delayed milestones. You can analyze the lead time of production and compare performance to industry benchmarks.


Do you want to see more of Inspectorio Tracking in action? View the full webinar by clicking here or on the image below.

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The future of production chain management

Inspectorio recently raised US$50 million in a Series B funding round. Carlos Moncayo, CEO and Co-Founder of Inspectorio emphasizes that the company will continue to invest in upstream solutions that solve operational problems, particularly for the supplier and factory segments.

Inspectorio has core pillar products to solve efficiency and collaboration pain points in quality, compliance, and production tracking. Moncayo reiterates that “it remains Day 1 at Inspectorio” and the company will continue to invest in solutions to address customers’ operational challenges.

Our webinar audience also asked us:

  • What industries does Inspectorio Tracking serve?
  • How can customers ensure data integrity?
  • How is Inspectorio Tracking different from other production tracking software in the market?

Watch the full webinar to find out the answer to these questions and more!

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