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Subscription Plans

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Subscription Plans

Our Inspectorio SIGHT and Inspectorio RISE platforms are subscription-based products, billed on a yearly basis. Each platform offers 4 types of subscription plans:









Our team will help you to determine the best subscription plan for you, based on your organization’s quality/sustainability priorities, challenges, budget, and future goals.

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How is our pricing calculated?

Our pricing is calculated based on a number of factors, including subscription level, number of users, and number of feature add-ons. We tailor our pricing plan to your organizational needs, helping you to gain the best return on your investment!

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Can the Inspectorio SIGHT, RISE and TRACKING platforms be purchased together?

Yes, they definitely can! Just let us know that you are interested in both and our team will find the package that works best for you and your organization.

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Can the Inspectorio SIGHT and RISE platforms be purchased together?

What are our clients saying?

Real-time data allows for improved communication, faster turnaround time with the disposition of product, and an overall increased efficiency of total inspection time across our entire global quality network.[…] The increased level of analytics and predictability has allowed us to decrease the level of repeat occurrences for the same defects”.

Vera Bradley

“By using this [Sight] Platform various teams are now digitally connected in our supply chain and have an enhanced real-time access to data across various reporting tools, delivering tactical intel to the management. We have experienced significant efficiency in time management leading to operational excellence. […] This tool has made it a lot easier for us to comply with the ever-evolving regulations”.

Interloop Ltd.

“This is not just an improvement to our processes. I would say this is a complete shift in mindset – the mindset of the company, of the inspectors, of our staff. [...] There are so many activities that were consuming so much of our time and so much of our resources — and Inspectorio has saved us from that”.

Yunus Textile Mills Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typical Use-Cases

What type of products can be inspected using Inspectorio SIGHT?

Thanks to the flexibility of our platform, virtually anything can be inspected on Inspectorio SIGHT. Currently, SIGHT is being used to inspect a wide variety of items like apparel, footwear, hard-goods, soft-home, bags and backpacks, sporting equipment, children’s items, electronics, and more.

Does Inspectorio SIGHT support self-inspection programs?

Yes, Inspectorio’s philosophy is centered on moving supply chain processes from a culture of policing and control to one of empowerment and accountability. With Inspectorio SIGHT, vendors and factories can adhere to self-inspection programs configured in the system by the brands and retailers that they collaborate with on the platform. Companies can use automation and artificial intelligence to simplify the process of deliberating when self-inspections should take place and/or when a 3rd party audit is needed.

Furthermore, vendors and factories can also use their subscriptions to manage their internal quality control and execute quality inspections for all the products they produce. When managing their internal quality programs, they can choose to keep that information private or share it depending on the configurations in the system.

Many companies have expanded their self-inspection programs after adopting Inspectorio SIGHT thanks to the visibility, transparency, and remote-inspection capabilities it provides.

Does Inspectorio SIGHT have remote-inspection capabilities?

Yes, with real-time photo, video, monitoring, and geo-tracking features, the Inspectorio SIGHT platform enables organizations to conduct remote quality inspections seamlessly and reliably – even in areas without Wi-Fi access. The platform was built from day one to ensure transparency and visibility, and remote-inspections are key to that end goal.

How about Inspectorio RISE? What type of inspections/audits can it be used for?

Similar to Inspectorio SIGHT, the Inspectorio RISE platform is fully configurable and therefore can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Some common use-cases are Environmental, Social, Technical and Health & Safety audits at production facilities; however, many companies use it for other types of assessments as well.

Are there limits to how many inspections/audits my company can conduct on Inspectorio SIGHT and/or RISE?

No, there are no limits. Once you have purchased your subscription to either platform, you can conduct as many inspections/audits as you’d like!

Artificial Intelligence

How is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) used in Inspectorio’s products?

At Inspectorio, we have a dedicated team of Data Scientists who continuously work on improving our A.I capabilities and finding new applications for it.

Here are some examples:


Defect Prediction

By leveraging the wealth of data created by the hundreds of thousands of inspections on our platform, we’re able to provide inspectors on the field with predictions of defects they are likely to find during an inspection. Furthermore, we provide these insights and risk analytics to the retailer, vendor, and factory during the Preproduction Meeting on the app. This allows for much better and more objective risk prediction and planning of the upcoming production to avoid defects before they even happen.


Factory Risk Profiles

Our artificial intelligence features can assign a risk score to factories based on configurations and parameters setup by our users. You get to define what you consider to be low, medium, and high risk in terms of risk score thresholds, and then the system does the rest of the work for you by continuously assessing the risk of your factories based on the activities conducted there, inspection results, and other information. The risk scores are then presented to all relevant stakeholders, and used in several other configurations to enable true risk predictions for quality risk management.


Automated Booking Confirmation and Workflow Assignation

Using the Factory Risk Profiles, our algorithms then take automated actions based on your configurations. Automatically confirm bookings of high-risk factories and waive those of low ones, for example. Or, automatically assign a more demanding inspection workflow to the higher risk factories and a less demanding one to the low risk ones. All of this is possible thanks to our combination of artificial intelligence capabilities and automation.

Can anyone use artificial intelligence in their Quality Management System (QMS)?

To truly leverage the benefits of A.I, you mainly need two things:

  1. A dedicated team of Data Scientists. Artificial intelligence cannot be developed by software or data engineers; it is Data Scientists who have the proper training and expertise to develop machine learning algorithms and other types of A.I features for companies to leverage.


  1. Data, and lots of it! For artificial intelligence to be accurate, it needs to work off of as much data as possible. The amount of data needed is so vast, that the data generated within a single factory, for example, may not be enough to provide that same factory with A.I-based insights. That’s why, at Inspectorio, we leverage the data of our entire network platform to provide all of our users with insights. The more everyone uses the platform, the more everyone benefits from the insights provided by anonymized data that’s fed into our A.I.(it is important to note that this data is completely anonymized; every client’s privacy & data protection is of the highest priority to us).


So, next time you are thinking of leveraging artificial intelligence for your supply chain management, whether that be with Inspectorio or another company, make sure to understand what type of data science team you will be relying on and how much data you will be able to have access to.

Implementation & Device Set-up

Do I need to install any special software to use Inspectorio SIGHT or RISE? Do I need Inspectorio’s support to do so?

The Inspectorio SIGHT and Inspectorio RISE platforms both have a web and a mobile component.

The web components do NOT require any type of software installation; they are accessible from almost any web browser.

The mobile apps do need to be downloaded and installed into the user’s mobile phone or tablet. But don’t worry, after you purchase your SIGHT and/or RISE Subscription Plan, our Customer Success team will provide you with instructions on how to download the apps.

What type of devices can I use to conduct audit/inspections?

Inspections (on our Inspectorio SIGHT platform) and assessments/audits (on our Inspectorio RISE platform) are carried out on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet – providing inspectors with the flexibility to they need to carry out inspection activities while on the go! (Our SIGHT and RISE apps are available for iOS and Android devices).

All other functionality, such as workforce scheduling, assessing reports, reviewing analytics and more can be conducted on our web platform.