Document Management Software for Improved Workflow

Inspectorio DocuFlow streamlines document management workflows, where documents need to be created, reviewed, approved, and shared at various levels in an organization. 

DocuFlow can:
  • Automate alerts and tasks related to document review and approval.
  • Help you manage documentation across your supply network to enhance quality, compliance, and sustainability performance.
  • Reduce the manual work of ensuring due diligence and proper document control.
  • Improve accountability with user engagement reports.
  • Be integrated into your workflows quickly and comes with world-class after-sales customer support.

Benefits of a Document Management System 

There are many advantages of implementing document management software across your supply chain.

Powerful workflow automations

Reduce manual work and automate workflows and process management of documents and files across your organization and supply chain.  


Backup and recovery

Document control on a server allows you to back up into multiple locations, and recover documents if one server, or site, is compromised.  

Digital and centralized storage

Electronic documents take up far less space than filing cabinets and boxes of records. They are easy to find and share, and digitalization unlocks the efficiencies of automation and control.  

Better security

Not only can you apply permissions for different levels of staff, but you can also check the records to see who accessed files and documents. 

Easy to share and retrieve

With the correct permissions, you can share documents with people across the globe. And, if something happens, you can retrieve an older version of the document so not all is lost. 

What is a Document Management System?

Document management systems are more than just cloud-based file management. They enable job tracking and project management. All your teams can see documents that are relevant, such as supply chain standards, policies, protocols, templates, and more. They give visibility and transparency to your business and offer powerful automation capabilities.  

Inspectorio DocuFlow is a document management system to streamline your document control and have your teams and suppliers working better and more efficiently.


Who is Inspectorio DocuFlow for?

A secure document management system is perfect for organizations where
confidentiality and control are required.

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Brands and retailers

With so many touchpoints along the road from supply to distribution, having a centralized and automated document management system saves you time and money. You can integrate Inspectorio DocuFlow with other Inspectorio solutions and digitally connect supply networks. This helps you share documents with other companies digitally, and still retain control. 

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Vendors and suppliers

Inspectorio DocuFlow helps vendors and suppliers manage their relationships with factories and buyers through document management software. When managing production operations in multiple factories, document sharing and document control become essential for regulatory compliance and performance management.  

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Food manufacturers and distributors

There can be numerous documents and regulations surrounding food handling, health and safety, and more. With Inspectorio DocuFlow, you can maintain document consistency and check who has viewed the document, so they have been seen and verified by the right people. This saves so much time and money for your business.  

web_content_docuflow_software_do_525x299-1What can Inspectorio DocuFlow do? 

If you’re a brand, retailer, or vendor with factories around the globe, Inspectorio DocuFlow reduces the manual work of documenting and sharing files by making them digital and central. All documents are securely managed and accessible. 

Inspectorio DocuFlow adds significant value to quality and compliance managers. The steps needed to create, review, approve, and store documents are streamlined. With document management occurring in one central location and with automation workflows, you can minimize the risk of version conflict between documents and keep document control in check to stay compliant with regulations.

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The entire suite of Inspectorio products works together to provide you with the biggest business benefit. 

The ultimate combination of Quality, Compliance, Production Tracking, and Document Management will ensure your company is modernized and ready for the future. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use a Document Management System? Open or Close

    You save time knowing where all your important documents are online. This is especially true if you have multiple locations worldwide—no need to have documents faxed to you or sent by email. 

    DocuFlow allows you to manage documents, users, and groups digitally so it’s easier to manage workflows. The solution is uniquely designed to help businesses manage documentation across their supply network to streamline processes and improve document control. 

  • How secure are my documents online with Inspectorio? Open or Close

    At Inspectorio we value your security to the utmost. Carlos Moncayo, the CEO, and co-founder, says, “We believe that it is not only a matter of respect to guarantee the safety and security of our customers’ data, but it is a matter of necessity.”  

    Rest assured your files are secure. DocuFlow provides AES 256-bit encryption, FIPS 140-2 certified, 7 user-friendly sharing roles, and shared link expiration.  

  • Can I automate document workflows with DocuFlow? Open or Close

    Inspectorio DocuFlow offers automation workflows to streamline document management processes in your organization and supply chain. Your organization’s workflows can be configured on DocuFlow so you can leverage the benefits of automation and reduce manual work. 

  • Can I create my own documents with DocuFlow? Open or Close

    Inspectorio DocuFlow allows you to create and edit your own documents inside the DocuFlow environment. You can add labels to these documents, to enable logical grouping of documents. Easy to search topics to find relevant information. 


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