Build a Sustainable and Data-Driven Supply Chain

Make production more efficient, transparent and beneficial for people and the planet with Inspectorio Rise. Gather, centralize and act on sustainability and compliance data in real time.

Supply Chain Mapping and Sustainability
  • Automate manual processes and access real-time data
  • Conduct compliance, social and environmental audits
  • Map your supply chain for greater visibility
  • Generate automated reports and manage CAPAs
  • Use powerful analytics to drive better decisions
  • Access expert-built questionnaires to evaluate suppliers
  • Gather ESG data combining internal and external sources
  • Score factories on sustainability performance
  • Reduce compliance risks and costs
  • 24/7 tailored advisory support on sustainability

Why Inspectorio Rise

Boost collaboration, transparency and trust

Easily align internal and external stakeholders, and bring transparency and trust to the supply chain. Connect all the parties involved in production and gain better visibility on product compliance data, supplier performance and ESG ratings.

Make better decisions and create value

Use advanced analytics to gain new insights into your supply chain data. Get the right information at the right time to make informed sustainability decisions and create real value for your business.

Reduce compliance risks and costs

Don't wait for something to go wrong. Use Inspectorio’s data-driven risk assessments to identify and address compliance risks proactively. Build a more sustainable supply chain that meets internal and external requirements in less time and at a lower cost.

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Maximize Your Returns on Compliance and Sustainability

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Take a Digital Dive into Compliance and Sustainability

Digitize and standardize supplier assessments

Say goodbye to Excel sheets and manual data entry. Access expert-built questionnaires to assess supplier performance across sustainability and compliance metrics. Automate the scoring system with real-time tracking of responses to quickly identify high and low-performing suppliers.

Score factories on sustainability performance

Drive supply chain sustainability with data-driven ratings. Automate the scoring process for each supplier to identify high and low-performing factories. Allocate or cap resources based on performance, and reward best-in-class suppliers.

Schedule audits around the globe

Plan your auditors' schedule quickly and inform factories of upcoming audits. See all upcoming and overdue audits in a calendar view, filter audits to see exactly what you need and access audit details in one click. 

Drive impact with corrective and preventive actions

Auto-generated corrective and preventive action (CAPA) plans provide actionable advice on how to address compliance and sustainability issues. You can customize recommended actions for your factories to swiftly resolve any problems that may arise.

Do more than just slice and dice data

Look at the big picture with powerful analytics and reporting. Turn compliance and sustainability data into actionable insights quickly. Visualize your findings with interactive dashboards and scorecards for swift decision-making.

Stay connected with auditors through the mobile app

Eliminate paperwork with the mobile app, both online and offline. Auditors can take photos, record videos and conduct assessments with their mobile devices. Get real-time visibility on-the-go and access data to make informed decisions.

Centralize ESG data from internal and external sources

Maintain records of all your environmental, social and governance (ESG) data in a single place. Feed data from internal systems and third-party sources to gain a comprehensive view of supplier engagement. Validate results with third-party certifications and external ratings, and identify areas of improvement.

Get 24/7 tailored advisory support 

Our team of experts is available to help you get the most out of Inspectorio Rise. We provide tailored support on ESG compliance and analytics, sustainability strategy, and audit planning. 

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What Our Customers are Saying

Inspectorio Rise is intuitive and easy to use, and they continue to update the platform to make the user experience better. A truly customer-centric company! 

Jay Allen
Hallmart Collectibles

Inspectorio Rise has a very modern and advanced system. I personally like the technology a lot, since now I can conduct all types of audits in one place.

Marco Tulio
Panamerican Textil II

It's just a great platform! I like how easy it is to use and that I can get all the information I need with just a few clicks.

Julio César Arzú - CSR Manager
Istmo Textiles

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