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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the supply chain industry to its knees.
In a post-coronavirus world, how can you safely get your production operations back up and running?

The answers lie in the implementation and execution of health and safety audits, leveraging real-time monitoring, automatic reporting, analytics, recommended action plans and interactive trainings.

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As countries begin to open up in the coming months, so too will businesses. In order for the world to fully recuperate from the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, the global supply chain needs to get back up and running.

However, how is this achievable without putting vulnerable factory workers at undue risk?

Inspectorio Rise is uniquely positioned to help protect factory workers on a global scale. Using our solution to implement health & safety audits, while leveraging our real-time monitoring & reporting, will mitigate the risk of further factory closures, and will most importantly, protect lives.

If you want to resume production without restarting a pandemic,

be prepared to apply stringent anti-contagion measures and monitor

them closely

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Centralized & Shareable Guidelines

Leverage our library of curated health & safety guidelines, based on industry best practices and developed in collaboration with leading brands, retailers and international NGOs, to disseminate vital anti-contamination protocols to your entire ecosystem – fast.

Use these pre-configured guidelines to gain a centralized view of the data coming in from all of your health & safety audits and reduce audit fatigue for your business partners.

Unrivaled visibility into guidelines compliance

Avail of real-time monitoring & reporting that provides you with live updates on how suppliers and facilities around the world are complying with important health and safety guidelines.

This information is consolidated on a live dashboard, giving you remote visibility into the real situation on your factory floors, as well as location-based updates on their COVID-19 status.

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Corrective Action plans & recommendations

Implementing effective COVID-19 health and safety guidelines could mean the difference between life and death for many workers – compliance with these initiatives is crucial.

Drive immediate corrective actions through automated CAPA reports and recommendations to swiftly address non-compliance.

Proactive training programs to facilitate continuous improvement

Our interactive, online Academy is uniquely placed to provide on-the-go corrective and preventative training solutions in relation to the health and safety of all workers.

Leveraging the latest industry technology and best practices for adult learning, Inspectorio Academy provides the means to verify and track training compliance in real-time.

Proactive training programs to facilitate continuous improvement  Rise (COVID-19) Proactive training programs to facilitate continuous improvement WEB

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Brands, Retailers, Vendors and Factories all have a responsibility to ensure the safety of those working for them.

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