Your Supply Chain Compliance Management Center

Manage audit and compliance activities from a central command center that enables you to connect, collaborate, and drive measurable improvements with your supply chain partners.
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Understand compliance risk in your supply chain

Drive continuous improvement with real-time insights, benchmarks, and exception management.

Work Smarter with a Centralized
Platform for Compliance Management

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Digitize and Standardize Questionnaires

Establish clear objectives of what must be accomplished during audits. Configure multi-section standards and assessments to digitize your compliance and sustainability programs.

Manage Standards and Assessments in One Platform

Inspectorio Rise helps you collaborate with and assess all your global partners. Integrate self-assessment and verification data to mitigate risk and drive continuous improvements.

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Make Evidence-Based Decisions [object object] Rise

Make Evidence-Based Decisions

Let our powerful data analytics features provide you with the insights you need to make effective and objective decisions about compliance and sustainability.

Schedule Audits Around the Globe Hassle-Free

Easily plan the schedule of your auditors and let factories know about upcoming audits. See all your upcoming and overdue audits on a calendar view to easily manage the logistics of scheduling audits.

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Map Your Internal Code of Conduct to International Standards

With Inspectorio’s equivalency guides, use the data collected in the platform to show all relevant stakeholders you’re compliant. Eliminate audit fatigue and keep your compliance data organized.

Create Impact with Corrective and Preventive Actions

Automatically generated CAPA plans provide you with suggestions on how to address compliance issues. You can also configure recommended actions for your factories to solve issues faster.

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Connect with Your Auditors Through the Mobile App [object object] Rise

Connect with Your Auditors Through the Mobile App

Save time and resources by eliminating manual processes on the factory floor. Enable your auditors to execute audits digitally and get real-time access to the audit data, no matter where you are in the world.

Audit fatigue and disconnected production chains should be issues of the past

Trusted by Top Brands, Retailers
Vendors, and Factories

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Why Choose Inspectorio Rise

Standardize Compliance Data

Centralize, standardize, and analyze compliance data under the same collaborative platform. Collect trustworthy and comparable data in real time to make objective analyses of performances.

Make Better Sourcing Decisions

Make objective, performance-based decisions, leading to improved compliance with any type of standard, whether internal, local, or international standards.

Drive Improvements on the Ground

Use data insights to identify areas of high risk and new opportunities to grow, creating meaningful and long-lasting improvements on the factory floor.

Create Trust and Accountability in Your Global Supply Chain

Leverage analytics and performance metrics to help your suppliers gain visibility into best practices, improve their processes, and take ownership of their compliance and sustainability.

Build Collaborative Relationships with Your Suppliers

Establish a single trustworthy source of data for all compliance-related activities and easily align on joint objectives.

Reduce Compliance Risk

Understand compliance risk in your supply chain and use data to mitigate it. Stop putting out fires and move towards a preventive approach.

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Maximize Your Returns on
Compliance and Sustainability

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up to

in time-savings on auditor activities

up to 80%

in time-savings on reporting
analysis and CAPAs

up to 80%

mitigation of compliance risk

Learn How to Manage Better
Your Compliance Programs

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