Your quality management command center

Shift from a reactive model to a preventive model. Sight leverages advanced machine learning to assess risk and recommend predictive actions.

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From Control to Empowerment.

From Reactive to Preventive.

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Fully Configurable

Forget about one size fits all and run your own quality protocols, standards and programs with our configurable platform settings.

Advanced Analytics

Our data visualization experts work with you and other industry experts to create insightful analytics to suit your strategic, tactical and operational needs.

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Powerful Automations

Do you have a risk-based inspection model? Do you want dynamic inspection protocol based on certain rules?

With Inspectorio, you can set the requirements to have the system automate for your preferences.

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Risk-Based Interventions

Defect prediction, risk-based inspector allocation, corrective action plan recommendations, dynamic Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) selection, and more.

These are just some of the ways in which Inspectorio leverages artificial intelligence to improve your global quality. Go beyond digitization, embrace an autonomous system. 

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Mobile Application

Gather all your inspection data and trigger activities end-to-end directly from our mobile application on iOS or Android. 

You can now generate inspection reports in seconds with one app for all of your activities.

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How are other companies leveraging Inspectorio Sight?

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What would the teams of one of the largest retailers and one of the most recognized apparel manufacturing groups in the world say about Inspectorio? Learn more about our impact in the apparel and footwear industries.

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“This is not just an improvement to our processes. I would say this is a complete shift in mindset – the mindset of the company, of the inspectors, of our staff. […] There are so many activities that were consuming so much of our time and so much of our resources — and Inspectorio has saved us from that”.

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Learn how major hosiery manufacturer and exporter Interloop has leveraged Inspectorio’s Sight platform to create resilience against disruptions across their entire supply chain.

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