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Collaborate with your partners and get full visibility of your supply chain performance. Modernize your quality programs for higher operational efficiency and better resource allocation.
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Learn how to reduce the cost of quality and increase your bottom line

Automate booking, data processing, and CAPA reports to save time and focus on value-added activities.

Centralize your Quality Activities
Stop Quality Issues Before They Happen

Activate Seff Inspections [object object] Sight

Activate Self-Inspections

Create a culture of accountability by empowering your partners to execute self-inspections while guaranteeing the integrity of your quality processes and standards. Real-time data helps improve communication with stakeholders and gives the ability to be preemptive instead of reactive.

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Automate Quality Operations

Leverage powerful automation rules to eliminate low-value, manual interventions, and free up resources to invest in activities that provide a greater return on effort and investment.

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Predict and Mitigate Risks [object object] Sight

Predict and Mitigate Risks

Leverage Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to analyze large datasets and understand risk. Make proactive, risk-based interventions to ensure your limited resources are being directed toward mitigating high risk areas across your factory partners. Preventing risks from happening in the first place.

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Digitize Data Collection and Reporting

A single source of truth enables data integrity and improved collaboration. Getting full visibility of the overall performance of your production network allows you to develop an improvement plan based on objective data.

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Digitalize Data Collections and Reporting [object object] Sight
Make Data-Driven Sourcing Decisions [object object] Sight

Make Data-Driven Sourcing Decisions

Choosing a sourcing partner is a critical and strategic decision. Clear, objective data on supplier and factory performance helps you select the best qualified suppliers and run operations based on a mutual understanding of performance expectations.

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Empower Field Teams

Gather all your inspection data and trigger activities end-to-end directly from our mobile application on iOS or Android. You can now generate inspection reports in seconds with one app for all your activities.

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Empower Field Teams [object object] Sight

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Why Choose Inspectorio Sight

Centralized Communication

Eliminate complexity and inefficiency across your global production network by ensuring all parties are on the same page.

Actionable Performance Analytics

Reliable reporting and analytics help find the root cause of quality issues and immediately enable a strategic action plan.

Operational Cost Reduction

Cut operational and overhead costs through the removal of manual tasks, automation, and optimization of decision-making.

Full Visibility and Control

Have access to accurate and centralized performance data to understand and compare performance, KPIs, and benchmarking.


Prioritize your activities and reallocate resources from less efficient programs toward more profitable quality investments.

Build a Competitive Advantage

Differentiate from competitors by leading in technology and digitizing across all stages of your supply chain.

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Higher ROI with Inspectorio Sight

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time-savings from automatically generated inspection reports


time-savings in follow-up
for CAPAs


improvement on
risk mitigation


decrease in defective
unit rate

Ready to be part of an
industry transformation?