Struggling to collect real-time, accurate & trustworthy inspection data?

The Inspectorio mobile app works in sync with our web platform to provide a single centralized source of truth for all key stakeholders.

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Ensure Inspectors comply with your quality standards

Pre-configured workflows guide Inspectors step-by-step through the inspection process.

Eliminate the risk of manual error as sample sizes, AQLs, measurement tolerances and inspection results are automatically calculated for you.

Increase Inspector productivity by up to 85%

Record packaging & workmanship defects with speed and accuracy, including images, videos and inspector comments

Reduce the time spent taking sample measurements by up to 60% by syncing your mobile app with our smart tape device 

Generate inspection reports in seconds and instantly upload accurate, up-to-date results to the cloud (where they are immediately visible to all stakeholders!)

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Gather accurate, trust worthy inspection data

Actions taken through the mobile platform can be monitored in real-time, providing unrivaled visibility in to what is happening on the factory floor.

Rest assured that your inspection data is accurate and trustworthy!

Monitor inspector performance in real-time, and observe trends over time (Send in-app prompts to Inspectors who ‘move too fast’!)

Proactively head off quality issues

Use predictive risk assessment tools to proactively notify inspectors of likely or trending defects – available in real-time on the mobile platform.

Head off quality issues before they occur, and stop defect trends before they reach your customers.

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Ready to start collecting real-time, accurate & trustworthy inspection data?

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