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Leverage Inspectorio’s powerful analytics for more accurate, and data-driven decisions, and refocus resources for more efficient & cost-effective quality control processes.

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Risk Prediction

Traditionally, risk assessments of a factory have relied on the instincts and experience of internal quality assurance teams, and it has not been possible to base such assessments on data in any meaningful way. Tired of your supply chain operations being driven by subjective decision making? Now, no longer!

Inspectorio’s Factory Risk Prediction feature is the first of its kind: a data-driven factory risk profile powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Quickly gain insights into a facility’s future risk of failure, its comparative performance in relation to other facilities, and individual metrics contributing to overall risk. Use these insights to strategically manage your oversight level, streamlining your quality assurance operations & maximizing return on your available resources!

Inspection Results

Understanding where inefficiencies exist, and which areas require more effort, is critical for continuous improvement within your supply chain. Quickly gain access to comprehensive analysis of inspection data from across your entire ecosystem. Deep-dive into analytics related to inspected quantities, product categories, product lines, defects, inspection trends, inspection changes, cancelations, rejections, and more – streamlining your operations and reducing waste.

Analytics and risk prediction can take your supply chain management to the next level. Inspection analytics increase oversight capabilities while dramatically reducing the amount of time required to obtain and make sense of data, reimagining the role data can play in your company’s day-to-day decision making.

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Factory Performance

Leverage immense amounts of data, giving you total visibility over quality and compliance within your factories. Understand your entire supply chain performance in a glance, or take a closer look at individual factories.

Quickly dial-in to the specific data you are looking for, preventing information overwhelm!

Inspector Performance

With Inspector Analytics, you now have complete visibility over the performance of all of your ecosystem’s inspectors at your fingertips.

Centralized data and metrics visualization make it easy to track, evaluate, and compare the pass/fail rates of different inspectors, as well as how effectively and efficiently they are working.

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Data Comparison

Harness the raw power of Inspectorio’s data collection capabilities and compare crucial attributes with just a few clicks! By displaying the right metrics in a more intuitive way, it is possible to quickly obtain and compare the data necessary to make agile and effective business decisions.

Inspectorio’s data comparison tools are designed to provide stakeholders with a quick and intuitive means of zeroing in on how factories, inspection types, suppliers, product lines, countries, brands, oversight offices, and more stack up against one another. Perform deep-dive defect comparisons, providing a new level of insight into the relative occurrence of defects between different factories, inspection types, and more.

This is just a quick taste of the data waiting for you on Inspectorio Sight. Ready to learn more?

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