How can vendors gain greater returns on their quality investments?

Improve quality performance by up to 94%, save costs, and increase business with your clients – all using Inspectorio Sight!

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Reduce the cost of quality

Standardize your quality programs on to a single centralized platform and share this with your clients. This can reduce the number of inspections clients require of you, bringing down the overall cost of your quality operations.

Gain up to 70% time savings on your quality control activities, and reallocate resources from less efficient programs towards more profitable quality investments.

Increase your business with your clients

Increase revenue by building trust with your business partners, gaining you more purchase orders.

Use automatic corrective action plans to ensure all problems are solved before they reach your clients. Analyze and stop defect trends before your client inspections fail, and improve your inspection pass rate by up to 94%.

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Improve your own inspectors’ performance

Monitor inspectors in real-time to calibrate their performance.

Top Vendors have been able to increase the baseline number of inspections an inspector can perform in a day by up to 85%, and reinvest those resources into improving their quality to get more business with their clients.

Choose the best factories for your purchase orders

Understand who your high risk factories are with predictive analytics.

Have a pulse on high risk areas and zoom in to drive improvements where it matters – or, reallocate resources from high risk factories towards more profitable investments.

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How are other Vendors leveraging Inspectorio Sight?

Inspectorio Sight for Vendors Interloop 300x149

Learn how major hosiery manufacturer and exporter Interloop Limited has leveraged Inspectorio Sight to create resilience across their entire supply chain.

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Inspectorio Sight for Vendors Yunus Textiles for Life Case Study Inspectorio 300x149

Learn how Pakistan-based textiles manufacturer Yunus Textile Mills managed to dramatically improve the performance of their factories and reduce quality defects using Inspectorio Sight.

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Inspectorio Sight for Vendors Delta Galil 300x149

Learn how global manufacturer Delta Galil Industries uses Inspectorio Sight to improve operational efficiency and build transparency, creating an interconnected and empowered production chain.

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