Achieve Complete Transparency with Inspectorio

Bringing transparency and trust to complex fashion supply chains, Inspectorio’s traceability solution is designed to streamline the management of compliance data, and enable brands and retailers to source with confidence, reduce risks and optimize operations. 

  • Multi-tier supply chain mapping 
  • Chain of custody reporting for regulatory compliance
  • Supply chain risk reports and analytics
  • Vendor onboarding and due diligence
  • Pre-built ESG assessments 
  • Native data integrations

Map your supply chain and uncover potential risks  

Visualize your entire supply chain from farm to shelf. Uncover potential vulnerabilities and inefficiencies, strengthen supply chain integrity, and ensure ethical sourcing across global markets.

Discover the value of a transparent supply chain 

Access global markets with ease

Don't let supply chain complexities limit your business growth. Gain full visibility into potential vulnerabilities and prove due diligence with a robust paper trail, complying with the latest global regulatory requirements. Our traceability solution maps your multi-tier supply chain structure, generates detailed reports and cross-references with reputable sources to mitigate risk, allowing you to access global markets with peace of mind.  


Reduce brand and financial risk

Stop worrying about unknown liabilities and financial risks. Our solution provides supply chain risk reports and analytics to help you navigate high-risk areas and protect your brand. With pre-built and configurable ESG assessments, you can easily evaluate potential vendors to protect your brand's reputation and financial health. 

Centralize globally dispersed data

Easily integrate, manage, and monitor your supply chain data from a single platform. Our native integrations and AI-powered recommendations make it easy to keep track of your vendor and product information. With global data sources from different countries, regions, languages, and more, you can quickly identify supply chain problems and take action to resolve them.


Inspectorio Is Trusted by Top Brands, Retailers and Vendors


Knowing where your products come from lets you drive revenue and growth while adhering to global compliance and ESG standards.