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Collaborate with your partners and get full visibility of your supply chain performance Inspectorio QMS software. Modernize your supplier quality programs for higher operational efficiency and better resource allocation.
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How Much Are Brands and Retailers
Losing Right Now?

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the defect rate for a typical production
say 49% of respondents*


product returns due to defects
say 76% of respondents*


of revenue wasted on remakes
say 25% of respondents*


of respondents said that
quality is a priority*

Platform Built for Supplier Quality Management

Brands and Retailers

How Inspectorio Sight helps B&R

Brand and Retailers face tremendous challenges managing supplier audit programs across their supply chains. Disrupted communication, decentralized data and a lack of visibility lead to high defect rates and constantly increasing quality and operating costs.

Inspectorio Sight quality management software helps brands and retailers gain full control over vendor management programs across their production network. It improves collaboration and enables data integrity across different supplier tiers and geographic locations.


How Inspectorio Sight helps vendors

In the highly competitive environment in which supply chain vendors operate, it’s critical to differentiate your company from your competitors by leading on innovation and technology. Modern technologies like Inspectorio Sight quality management software ensure you’re meeting the constantly shifting demands of your clients and demonstrating quality excellence.

Obtain immediate visibility into your production chain, improve client satisfaction and grow your business with the Inspectorio inspection management software.

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The Most Powerful and Easy to Use Quality
Management Software for Supply Chain

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Easily monitor and scale self-inspection programs across thousands of factories. Inspectorio Sight ensures the integrity of the factory-led self-inspections and provides you with real-time analysis of data.

Machine learning technology allows to automatically assign oversight level and workflow protocols based on factory risk, inspection type, location, and more. Confirming or waiving inspection bookings, organizing & scheduling your team of inspectors, and assigning AQLs & workflows can now be performed automatically based on your chosen parameters.

Inspectorio’s Factory Risk Prediction feature is designed to identify negative trends in factory performance and proactively manage potential problems. Our robust machine learning software assesses the factory’s risk of failure and its comparative standing with other facilities. You can use this data to mitigate risks and optimize your resources.

Powerful analytics features for measuring, visualizing, and analyzing data allow you to identify areas to improve and make data-driven sourcing decisions. This lets you identify patterns and trends in factories, inspections, product lines, performance and more.

Streamline the work of your field teams with an easy-to-use mobile app. It increases inspector productivity by up to 85% and reduces the time spent taking sample measurement by up to 60%. The app works in sync with the web platform to provide you with real-time data on inspection progress, defect trends and overall factory performance.

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Target Corp teams explain why they chose Inspectorio

See what one of the world’s largest retailers and apparel manufacturing groups says about Inspectorio quality management software systems.

Why modern QMS outperforms traditional QC and QA

Avalon Apparel Group used to work with traditional tools, using pen and paper for their quality operations. Learn how Inspectorio Sight helped Avalon Apparel digitize its apparel quality control.

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* The Sourcing Journal (2018), “The Impact of Defects on Margins, Speed and Customer Loyalty”