Inspectorio Testimonials

Inspectorio customers across the globe share their thoughts.

Inspectorio provides immediate assistance and helps us to overcome division differences and to identify factory ID

Zunaira Jabeen - Executive lead EHS

Interloop Denim

The final inspection feature is an easy way to attach evidence of the inspection and easy to attach questions. I love all features and everything is easy to complete.

Lorena Mejia – QA Inspector

Tai -Geo LLC

Inspectoro is easy to navigate. It's also easy to keep track of inspection bookings, which was a challenge for me before using this platform.

Brenda Tsai - Sales

Dear Year Brothers Mfg. Co., Ltd.

I love that Inspectorio can be a single platform for all compliance

Himani Sood – Chemical & Sustainability Officer

Auro Textiles

The Tracking system is very clear and easy to use!

Olivier Yi - Tracking Manager

SAE-E Trading

I love the inspection report record. Help service always respond fast too!

Nina Mao - Sales

Ningbo Raffini Import & Export Co.,ltd.

With Inspectorio, I can easily create an inspection task. It's easy to use. I can use most functions without special instructions.VSI allows us to arrange inspection flexibly and ensure on-time shipment

Roland Pan - Sales

Digo Creative Enterprise Limited

With Inspectorio, I am able to monitor the whole supply chain through one platform. Inspectorio also helped me to overcome audit fatigue

Muhaiminul Islam - Management Representative

Zaber & Zubair Fabrics Limited

I can make Inspection bookings more easier with Inspectorio

Happy Feng - Merchandiser

In Mocean Group, LLC

With Inspectorio I can collect data online and help audit and get results online, it is suitable for the Covid 19 epidemic period at this time and in the future. Saving the cost and time.

Tuyết Nguyễn Thị - HR Manager

Speed Motion Vietnam Company Limited, Speed Motion Viet Nam Company Limited

Inspectorio is user friendly and I use it to manage our inspections and capa submission.

Umesh Sharma - Director Quality Assurance

Raj Overseas

With Inspectorio Rise, I can review data everytime it's needed

Uut Uut - Technical Audit & Compliance Team

Shin Sung

I love everything about the Inspectorio platform, it offers real time data and analytics. Before Inspectorio, I had to do manual reporting and data analysis.

Mohammad Rahman - Assistant Manager- Quality Assurance & Technical

Delta Galil USA Inc

Inspectorio is a less time consuming process, instead of coming to factory sight, we as Vendor can do even at home. My favourite feature is QAFA Assessment. During the Pandemic, Audit can be processed by just clicking inspectorio of your topic choice

Maria Fatima Dalmacio - Compliance Analysts

Gottex models

I love inspection planning and Inspectorio dashboard. Live chat is very helpful and always gets all our query resolved very fast & easily

Harvinder Batra - QA Manager

Fashion Accessories

It’s really easy to track real-time data on the production status of purchase orders

Sumit Mathur - Inventory Manager

Devgiri Exports

Inspectorio is user-friendly and the platform is nicely organized. It helps me to save time and efforts in record keeping, periodic search, defect analysis, and time management.

Abdullah Al Mamun - Coordinator

Sonia & Sweaters Ltd

I love the unique design with quality product. I noticed all the required things at a glance which is easy for keeping track. I always get instant support through the chat box and get a solution.

Akramul Hoque - Senior Manager HR, Admin & Compliance

Columbia Garments Ltd

The key parts about Inspectorio is that it could combine all the data on the same platform . and it is also impressive that it could enable client to visualize all the whole process of inline/final inspection. Generally Inspectorio could help standardize the process of inspection to ensure all the persons use the same approach/SOP to finish the assigned work. that's to say, it avoids any missing or ignorance during routing quality work

Garry Gao - Director of Quality Assurance

Standard Fiber, LLC

Inspectorio always adapt to its user's needs. It helps me to shorten my working time.

Sara Lim - PPC Officer

Crystal Apparel Limited

I can pull the data I need easily with Inspectorio

Yeonho JasonCho - QA Assistant Manager

Shinsung Tongsang

I love using the Compliance Assessment on Inspectorio. All things are very transparent

Md Shafiul Kafi - Manager, HR & Compliance

Columbia Washing Plant Ltd.

Inspectorio is simple to use. It provides easy communication and quick response for help

Ikhwan Supriyono - Factory Manager

Pt. Homeware International Indonesia

Inspectorio helps me to know my product data better. Before using this plaftorm, I had difficulties getting product data statistics and monitoring.

Ma Heyu - Department manager

Shandong Joy&Home Household Products Co.,Ltd

Inspectorio allows instant report generation, providing ease of access and the speediest helpline. Inspectorio helped me with audits scheduling and CAP closures

Jitendra Mishra - AGM Export Marketing

Welspun Global Brands Ltd

Inspectorio is easy to use. I love the standard management feature. Inspectorio helped me to solve my challenges of getting an overview of demands from our customer.

Robin Troch - Audit & compliance manager

Balta Industries NV

Inspectorio offers great service. It helps me to reduce the printing of paper and improve the speed of office

Yolanda Gao - Merchandiser

Rauch Industries

I love how Inspectorio helps me with the digitization of compliance assessments and management. Inspectorio allows me to have a data-driven management and decision-making

Michael Cai - Director


Inspectorio is an easy platform to use. If we need an assistance, the Customer Service is helpful

Nurasih Suparta - Marketing Staff

PT Cipta Panel Buana

Inspectorio is a simple and good system. The system information can always be easily learned and there are very clear data contained in the system

Emmy Irawati - Merchandiser Manager

PT.Sejin Global Indonesia

I love Inspectorio's Academy course and the instant help center

RUPAM KANTI DAS - HR & Compliance Manager


Inspectorio is easy to use with high accuracy.

Jason Song - QA Director

Amiee Lynn

My favourite product feature is inspections. It is a user-friendly app. If there are any issues, everything can be solved via live chat.


Durus Industries Corporation

I like how Inspectorio gives me the ability to request disclosure. They also offer great customer service. I used to have challenges in uploading smeta audits to customers and Inspectorio helped me to solve just that.

Heather Koranchan - EXPORT MANAGER

Ramsey Popcorn Co Inc

Inspectorio is a very well organized way to record product details, defects, inspection check points during the inspection itself. It offers easy way of working with the app. I used to face challenges with transparency and live monitoring of inspections. With Inspectorio I was able to reduce quite significantly the weight of this problem.

Wojciech Beyger - Senior Quality Manager

Seven For All Mankind

Inspectorio is user-friendly and I can easily work on it, with a very helpful support team.

Lita Valmonte - Senior Merchandiser

Durus Industries Corporation

Inspectorio offers a simple and reliable solution. The help chat is what I love the most. It's fast to use Inspectorio, without any error and I can see the data I need. Inspectorio helps me every time when I faced any challenges in understanding the newly added features.

Udai Rana - Senior Merchandiser

Orient Fashion Exports India Pvt Ltd

Inspectorio is user-friendly. With Inspectorio, there is no need to make report separately but it is prepared while inspection is going on

SATDEV SINGH - Quality Inspector

Trident limited

Inspectorio is easy to use and it helps to control Covid-19 at Interloop

Rizwan Muhammad - EHS officer

Interloop Ltd

I love Inspectorio's accuracy & efficiency. Inspectorio helps me to have proper workflow to complete inspections smoothly.

Lokhajanani B - Merchandiser

Jay Jay Mills India Pvt ltd

Inspectorio helps us to increase transparency and avoid miscommunication

Hamza - Director


Inspectorio helps us to check whether our factory can meet buyer's requirements

Tina Tsao - Account Manager

Team Worldwide Corp. Ltd

Inspectorio offers Instant Communication/Instant Chat. You can see the results quickly and easily manage data collection

Nelson Xiao - Quality Manager

New View Gifts and Accessories LTD

My favorite features of Inspectorio Sight are Group POS / Individual POS inspection Booking. It is very easier Inspection booking, tracking & reporting. Inspectorio helps me with on-time delivery tracking, reporting & information keeping

Sayed Ashadul Haque - Sr. Merchandiser


I love how I can take pictures during inspection and recognize special attention point

Farhan Ahmed - Quality Inspector


Inspectorio allows me to share information with all parties, within the same platform.

Faye Ngai - Sourcing & Production Director


My Favourite feature is the defect analysis. Inspectorio overall is very user-friendly. It helps me to oversee factory performance

subin babu - Assistant merchandiser manager

Classic Fashion Apparel Industry Ltd Co

The information on Inspectorio is clear, if there is anything that you do not understand, Inspectorio will answer it quickly

Huong Pham (VPI) - QA

Viet Pan Pacific

On the Tracking platform, we can more accurately and clearly reflect the production status of an order and avoid delays

Alice Zhang - Production Manager


Inspectorio helps to store all data in one place and with better report options. Quick filtering/dashboard view, simplified reports and much more. I used to have challenges with back and forth emailing to MRs for approvals, now everything is on inspectorio.

Muhammad Aijazuddin - Assistant Manager Marketing / Merchandising

Yunus Textile Mills Ltd

Inspectorio is practical and fast to use.

Diego Morales - DQA Quality


My favorite feature of Rise is being able to make CAPA. Inspectorio is fast, and almost anyone can access the information they need easily. Before Inspectorio, I had to perform self-assessment on many excel files.

Hiep Cao Thi Thu - Manager

THAO UYEN GARMENT MANUFACTURING & TRADING COMPANY LTD., Thao Uyen Garment Maufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd

With Inspectorio, I have great insights into all the past years, a quick summary of KPIs and improvements

INHID SOUMIA - Quality manager


Inspectorio helps us to keep data entry up to date and remove accumulated data pressure

Krishna Pada Das - Executive Director

Ventura Bangladesh Ltd, VENTURA BANGLADESH LTD.

We like that the Tracking platform allows us to update multiple milestones at the same time. This is very efficient and saves our team a lot of time

Jessica Hu - Production Manager

Value Source

Inspectorio is one medicine for all diseases, it offers easy tracking for everything.

Archit Tyagi - Manager

Marque Impex

I love the Live Chat Support, it helps a lot in critical situations.

Danny Ashari - Marketing Staff

PT Lestari Mahaputra Buana

Inspectorio is simple and easy to use. I love how easy it is to manage inspection report

Jaja Suharja - Marketing Staff

PT Araputra Fortuna Perkasa

Having social & environmental compliancemanagament in one system is helpful.

Douglas Flatt - Quality & Government Regulatory Manager

Totes Isotoner Corporation

What I like the most about Inspectorio is that it brings together all the evaluations to which the factory applies, and that it is very easy to work on the platform.

Wendy Alexandra García - Officer Compliance

Csa Textiles, S.A.

Inspectorio helps us in environmental management system. My favourite features of Inspectorio are compliance and sustainability management

Ravindra Pagar - Management Representative

Satish Toy Manufacturing LLP

Inspection bookings and inspection tracking system are easy to use

A.N.M. Raihan Uddin - Senior Executive (Merchandising)


I love using Inspectorio to track the history of each style from TPR to VSI

Donna Picar - QA manager

Hansae Fashion Worldwide

I like Inspectorio app because it makes my job as QA Auditor very easy for me. And from Inspectorio itself there is always an improvement in service which always makes it easier. Inspectorio is simpler and more accurate.

M. Adi - QA Auditor